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3 tips for a better profile on LinkedIn

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Your Linkedin profile is your digital business card. Your digital brand. This is a tool many decision makers use to decide who they want to work with. In this blog post, we will give you 3 specific tips on how your LinkedIn profile can be improved.

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1. Profile picture on LinkedIn is your first impression

The first thing a decision maker sees is the profile picture. If you do not have a profile picture then you have missed the opportunity to make a good first impression. 

Furthermore, you reduce the chances of the decision maker opening your profile. You compete with other profiles that have great profile pictures. If he or she is specifically looking for you then we are back to the first impression .

The only thing worse than not having a profile picture is having a bad profile picture. What is bad is subjective. If you are a comedian, it can give a good first impression to have mounted moose horns on your head. If, on the other hand, you are an accountant, this would be a rather risky approach.

It’s best to take professional photos with a photographer for your LinkedIn profile.

If you need to take your own photos for the LinkedIn profile:

  • Solid-colored and professional garment, such as a shirt.
  • A solid background is safest. Alternatively, you can use a camera that blurs the background. Many mobiles have this feature today. Here you can be a little creative to try with different backgrounds.
  • Do not take a “selfie”. Ask for help from your better half, a friend or a family member.
  • Take lots of pictures so you have a lot to choose from.
  • Smile. A friendly smile is always the way to go.

Move around the sections in your LinkedIn profile

We all have our strengths. Maybe you have an impressive work experience. Or you have a diploma from a good school. Take advantage of the opportunity to move the sections in your profile. Move your forces to the top.

example of moving module

Here we move “Skills & Endorsements” a notch up

What is important is up to you to consider. If you are a recent graduate, it probably pays to get your education on top. When you have gained more work experience, you can move the experience module to the top.

The most important thing is that you actively consider how your personal brand on LinkedIn appears.

Remove everything that is unnecessary on your LinkedIn profile

Removing everything that is unnecessary is a good rule to take with you in all fields. Especially in marketing.

Summary on the Linkedin profile

Not everyone agrees that a summary at the top of the LinkedIn profile is good. It may be up to you to consider. It is very difficult to write a text that is perceived as credible and that provides value.

If you choose to write a summary, keep it short . Give some hints about how you are as a person, and what disciplines you know well. A few sentences hold.

Work experience on the LinkedIn profile

  • Take advantage of bullet points
  • Highlight specific areas of responsibility and work tasks that are relevant to your field
  • Avoid subject terminology that makes the text difficult to understand for people without the same background as you

Skills & Endorsements on the LinkedIn profile

Here are many who sin. We add everything we come up with of skills we think look good on the profile. Preferably several variations of the same skill. This works against its purpose. The point of “Skills & Endorsements” is to show what we are really good at .

Therefore, select a maximum of 6 skills that you want to highlight. Certainly fewer. Then it will be very clear what you are good at.

Furthermore, the recommendations you receive from your contacts will be concentrated since they have fewer choices. Which looks better than the recommendations are divided into dozens of skills.

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