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3 tips for better ad text

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Good ad texts depend on which channel you use. In this blog post I will show you 3 tips that work on all channels – even in print.

better-ad text-3-tips

# 1 The most important thing first

In today’s hectic society, the threshold for spending time on something is getting higher. If the reader does not immediately understand what you want to communicate in an ad text, you have lost the battle for attention.

Coming up with the most important things first is also important for search engine optimization. Google emphasizes the words at the beginning of a sentence more than those at the end. You can read more about search engine optimization here.

So what does this mean in practice for you? When writing ad text, ask yourself if the following questions are answered as quickly as possible:

What is this?
Why is this for me?


1: We can finally present our new product after many months of development. We have made a wireless heater for use in retail premises.

2: Wireless heater for shop premises. After many months of development, our latest product is finally available.

Which version do you think is best?

better ad text

# 2 Write to a person

Especially in the business to business market, it seems very much against tip # 2. 

Many ad texts aimed at the corporate market appeal to the business. A lifeless entity. An organizational form. It is impossible to create commitment in a company. It is the people in the company who get involved. There is a person in the company who makes decisions. There is a person in your business reading your ad text.

Therefore, write to this person. Imagine what the decision maker’s everyday life is like. How can you and your services or products make his or her everyday life better? 

(Also note how I write this blog post. I write to you. I use words like “you” “you” “yours” etc.)

# 3 Light and oral tone

The tone of the text must of course be adapted to your target group. But the way one consumes content in today’s digital society provides some clear guidelines.

We associate text that friends and acquaintances write on social media with interest, relaxation, coziness, leisure etc. Heavy text that is often found in textbooks, websites of some companies etc. is associated with work, necessary, deadlines, stress etc.

By writing in an easy and oral way, the reader feels better. And you want them to feel good when they think of your company and their services?

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