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3 tips for better posts on Facebook

3 tips for better posts on Facebook

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Facebook users reward companies that write good posts. Imagine that you have just posted a post on Facebook. You have spent several hours refining the post. The grammar has been read through 10 times. But you get little response from those who follow your page. It is both demotivating and frustrating. Read our 3 tips below to create better Facebook posts. 


1. The optimal length of Facebook posts

We are taught from childhood that more, longer and bigger are better. It is the exact opposite of what is the reality on Facebook. The posts that get the best response are the ones that have less than 40 letters. The reason for this can be several:

One reason may be that the average time we are focused on one thing has dropped drastically in the last 15 years. We went from being able to focus on one thing for 12 seconds in 2000 to only 8 seconds in 2015. In other words, we are beaten by a goldfish.

We build on that theory. Very few are willing to like a post without knowing what it is all about. What if you show support for human trafficking or something else cruel? Nobody takes that chance.

If you combine an ability to focus on one thing for 8 seconds with this, it is logical that shorter posts do it better. Most people will be able to digest a post in less than 40 letters within 8 seconds.

2. Text is good, photos are better and video is best on Facebook

A good text can give a huge response on Facebook. The problem is that so few will get plain text posts.

The human eye is designed to survive in the wilderness. Our eyes react quickly to things that move or stand out.

Therefore, usually a Facebook post with a picture will capture the attention of more users than plain text. Smileys in text can also contribute positively. An image also allows the reader to more quickly identify what the Facebook post is about.

Video is best. Why? Because Facebook competes with Youtube for advertising revenue from video. For you, this means in practice that videos will be favored by Facebook, and you will reach out to more potential “likes”. 

NOTE: It is very important that you upload the video to Facebook and do not share a youtube link. Then you will not get the same effect. 

3. Post Facebook posts at unfavorable times

Many people make the mistake of publishing when they think as many people as possible are logged in to Facebook. The problem is that everyone thinks that way. It’s like starting your holiday trip during rush hour.

What is happening is that Facebook has to prioritize away many posts due to the large influx. This gives you less exposure. 

Instead, publish at “unfavorable” times. Try posting a post on Sunday afternoon. Or early on a Saturday. At such times, Facebook will be hungry for new posts. This gives the same effect as we talked about earlier, your post will reach many more potential “likes”. 

There are no guarantees in this world, so always remember to check the statistics on your posts. Try to identify which times your posts get the best response. And as I said, do not be afraid to try “unfavorable” times. 

Better posts on Facebook summarized

Try to keep the text short. Use photos and videos as often as possible. Have fun and write in a relaxing and oral way. Feel free to read the post aloud before you publish it.

Try new and exciting times for publishing. If any sentences or words sound weird or artificial – remove them.

To make a fantastic post, you have to remove the pieces that are less good!

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