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4 Ways and 8 Projects for You to Benefit from 2022 World Cup with Crypto – CoinCheckup Blog

4 Ways and 8 Projects for You to Benefit from 2022 World Cup with Crypto – CoinCheckup Blog

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If you ask what is the most exciting upcoming event this winter, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is definitely at the top of the list. One of the most anticipated global sporting events, if not the most anticipated, this World Cup would attract more than 5 billion viewers according to historical records.

In addition to enjoying the spectacle of the game, you can get the opportunity to take advantage of and earn from the World Cup, especially with the help of blockchain and crypto technology.

In the past, pioneers in the football industry have embraced blockchain and crypto technology by issuing club fan badges and so on. With the previous overlay, the 2022 World Cup may bring more crypto investment opportunities for users. Here are 4 ways and 8 projects to enjoy the pie of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The first way: participate in crypto-prediction derivatives

Prediction is a human instinct, and in sporting events with a competitive nature, people will inevitably predict. And therefore, there is a natural ground to develop prediction derivative products for a large-scale sporting event such as the FIFA World Cup. Now, with the help of blockchain technology, it is easier and safer for people to participate in World Cup predictions and potentially make a profit from their predictions.

Project 1 – MoonXBT 2022 FIFA World Cup derivative

MoonXBT, a leading social trading exchange, has recently launched a derivative product for the FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament, where participants can select their favorite teams by purchasing relative tokens and earn returns step by step. This is the first ever crypto derivative of the World Cup, combining blockchain technology with one of the world’s biggest sporting spectacles.

MoonXBT’s MM derivative has three major advantages that its counterparts do not. First, it has a very clear and easy-to-use product. Unlike other projects where people have to open multiple pages to make their predictions, MoonXBT has a special sector for the derivative where all the rules, processes and functions are clearly visible, making it very easy for users to start making predictions and making profits. travel.

Second, MoonXBT is a crypto exchange that facilitates the trading of tokens in both the primary and secondary markets, attracting more liquidity. More importantly, MoonXBT is a social trading exchange that can utilize all KOLs, communities and social tools to market the event. The platform also has a discount program of up to 50% for referrals to MM derivatives.

Project 2 – La’eeb Inu

La’eeb Inu is a new cryptocurrency used in its own 2022 World Cup prediction platform. As an auxiliary tag, users can use La’eeb Inu to show support or predictions for teams of their choice. The prediction process would be similar to MoonXBT’s prediction process.

Unlike MoonXBT, which is an exchange, La’eeb Inu is a crypto project, which means that the transactions and liquidity of the La’eeb Inu token will initially depend solely on the primary market. To increase secondary market liquidity, the token must be listed on a reliable exchange.

Project 3 – World Bet

World Bet is a BSC-based soccer prediction platform that allows users to bet by buying NFTs. Users can earn by holding NFTs of different teams with different earning percentages. NFTs can then serve as credentials for awarding rewards based on game results.

The project makes extensive use of blockchain technology. However, it seems that the prediction mechanisms and token economies are kind of complicated considering the staking, auction, NFT rental, and three tokens. It might be too complicated to use as a prediction derivative in the World Cup where people only care about winning or losing and how much they get.

Another Way: Buy World Cup related Crypto

Perhaps the most direct way to invest in the 2022 FIFA World Cup is to buy relative tokens and enjoy the potential increase in token prices as the game progresses. So the question is, what kind of World Cup to buy?

Project 4 – Token

FIFA has announced that will be the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Since the World Cup will bring a lot of visibility to, we can expect an increase in traffic to the platform, which will also potentially increase the price of Cronos (CRO),’s platform token.

Project 5 – Algorand blockchain Token

Likewise, FIFA is partnering with blockchain project Algorand to launch the NFT World Cup and other blockchain-enabled products. As a public blockchain similar to Ethereum, Solana and so on, Algorand (ALGO) is the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain and the world’s first pure proof-of-stake blockchain. The FIFA partnership is likely to increase the chain’s growth.

Project 6 – Qatar World Cup badge

Qatar World Cup Token is a community-driven fan token for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It is official Twitter has now amassed over 8k followers.

It is not yet clear whether the Qatar World Cup badge (#QWC) is listed on any stock exchange. But the sense of community should not be overlooked and QWC can be added to the watch list.

Third way: Buy World Cup NFT

Ever since NBA Top Shot, it’s become an open secret that sports can benefit from the release of NFTs. The FIFA World Cup, one of the most watched and supported global sporting events, is no exception. Investors can search for quality World Cup NFT projects to buy and trade for potential income.

Project 7 – cryptoworldcup2022

For example, this site seems to already be creating a series of NFT World Championships. It is worth following how the project develops and how the market reacts to it. Users can also create their own NFT on the website to become part of the project.

Fourth way: Play to earn

Users can also invest their time in earning games with the MM concept. With the development of GameFi and Metaverse, this would also attract a certain amount of traffic, potentially contributing to the success of monetization projects.

Project 8 – Soccer Crypto

Soccer Crypto is a soccer earning game supported by BSC where soccer players are designed as NFTs. There is also the design of in-game tokens. And therefore players can earn profit by playing to earn tokens, trading NFTs and other token economies.

From the above, it can be seen that the combination of blockchain technology and the 2022 FIFA World Cup offers really great opportunities to make a profit. Users can carefully go through all possible ways and projects, do a due diligence check and get the opportunities that suit them. None of the above constitutes financial advice of any kind.

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