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Algorand Price Discounted 16% Amid Recent Sell-off; Buy This Dip Now?


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Posted 6 hours ago

The price of Algorand looks sideways in the last three months. During this consolidation, the altcoin bounced off this support several times, confirming it as a strong accumulation zone. Furthermore, the recovery rally initiated from this support has seen a significant correction, falling to the $0.33 support. Thus, a coin chart showing a retracement sign at this support should provide traders with a good opportunity for a dip.

Key points from Algorand’s price analysis:

  • ALGO holders can see a brighter future if prices hold above the 50-day EMA in the coming weeks.
  • A long-lived daily candle predicts great potential for a bullish reversal.
  • The 24-hour exchange of Algorang coin is $195 million, which represents a gain of 5.87%.

Algorand price tableSource-Trading view

Algorand’s price action showed a bullish reversal rally that failed to sustain above the 100-day EMA at $0.40 due to increased selling pressure. A bullish failure leads to a 13% price drop back below the 100-day EMA and previous consolidation area.

The increase in intraday trading volume supporting the bearish correction rally threatens the bullish dominance at the 50-day EMA.

However, a lower price rejection on the daily candle signals a correction to local support at $0.33. This is why price action analysis points to a post-correction reversal.

Side buyers can find entry opportunities at current prices thanks to this long heart candle, finding support at the 50-day EMA and falling trading volume. A reversal rally may rise to $0.37, where it will face double resistance from the 100-day EMA and the $0.37 resistance level, which could prove to be a solid roadblock.

Nevertheless, a more encouraging trend could provide a bullish breakout, extending the uptrend to the $0.42 mark.

If the reversal fails, the price of Algorand may eventually lose the 50-day EMA and drop the price to $0.281.

Technical indicators:

DMI A sharp drop in the Algorand price sabotages the rising divergence of the DI lines, increasing the possibility of a bearish crossover.

RSI The daily RSI slope reversed from the overbought area and observed a significant decline. This retracement indicates that the previous aggressive buying has been established and prices may continue to rise.

  • Resistance levels: $0.37 and $0.42
  • Support levels: $0.33 and $0.28

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