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Amber Group launches WhaleFin in Japan following acquisition of DeCurret Inc.

Amber Group launches WhaleFin in Japan following acquisition of DeCurret Inc.

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DeCurret Inc., bought by Amber Group, changes its name to Amber Japan KK.

DeCurret Inc., a Crypto-Asset Exchange Service Provider (CAESP) registered with the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA), announced today that it has changed its company name to “Amber Japan KK” (hereinafter referred to as “Amber Japan”). completing the acquisition of Amber Group, a leading global digital asset company. In accordance with the completed acquisition and name change, the company is launching Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform WhaleFin in Japan.

Name change: Amber Japan KK

DeCurret Inc. welcomed WhaleFin Holdings Japan KK, the Japanese subsidiary of Amber Group, which became a shareholder in February. It has since prepared to launch its service, namely Amber Group’s flagship digital asset platform, WhaleFin, in Japan. With this launch in mind, the company has decided to change its name to Amber Japan KK, bearing the Amber Group name.

Digital Asset Platform: WhaleFin

WhaleFin is an all-in-one digital asset platform built on Amber Group’s deep expertise to serve both institutional and retail markets. It acts as a gateway to the world of digital assets and crypto-finance for all users, regardless of their investment needs or experience.

Clients now have access to the institutional level investment tools and trading functions previously handled by DeCurret through WhaleFin’s intuitive and user-friendly interface. In addition, Amber Japan plans to offer a loan service that leverages Amber Group’s high liquidity and management ability and innovates NFT business cooperation through various partnerships in Japan.

Michael Wu, Global CEO of Amber Group said:

“We are very excited to enter the Japanese market, a key crypto-asset market globally, as Amber Group continues to deepen its footprint in Asia and focus our efforts on developing our core businesses – both trading infrastructure and digital asset platform. We look forward to providing quality digital financial services in Japan, supported by our reliable liquidity and security offering. Amber Group the goal is not only to develop innovative ways to grow users’ digital wealth through crypto assets, but also through Web3 services that everyone can easily use and enjoy. We plan to grow an ecosystem that goes beyond the current framework, embraces new crypto asset services, and explores the real utility of NFT in the market. This is related to to our continued operations as a leading global digital asset platform, and we look forward to expanding our business in Japan a and gives users the opportunity to grow their wealth in a sustainable way.

Li Yijin, representative of Amber Japan KK, also commented:
“We are very happy begins serving Japanese customers by leveraging Amber Group’s world-class liquidity and banking-standard security. Alongside the VASP business, we aim to build a new ecosystem beyond the existing framework and include services related to listing new assets, lending and NFT. We are excited about this next phase of growth as we strive to ensure users have the right tools and platforms to achieve a sustainable, digital lifestyle with WhaleFin.

About Amber Group

Amber Group is a leading full-stack digital asset company that operates in commerce, products and infrastructure. Amber Group works with companies from token issuers, banks and fintech companies to sports teams, game developers, brands and creators. Operating at the center of the market, Amber offers a full range of digital asset services covering liquidity enhancement, trading, financing and investing. Across all products and categories, Amber Group has sold $1t in volumes since inception.

Amber Group is backed by major venture capital, industrial and government investors such as Sequoia Capital, Temasek, Paradigm, Tiger Global, Dragonfly Capital, Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures and

More information can be found at

About Amber Japan KK

  • Company description: Crypto asset exchange business
  • Certified Fund Settlement Firms Association: Japan’s virtual and crypto asset exchange association
  • Location: 7th Floor Arco Tower, Shimomeguro 1-8-1, Meguro-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
  • Virtual currency exchange operator – Canton Local Finance Bureau No. 00016
  • URL address:
  • Representative: Li Yijin, Representative Director

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  • The crypto-asset itself can lose all value due to the breakdown of the crypto-asset transfer systems or other reasons.
  • If the company’s business is interrupted by events, including bankruptcy, we may not be able to return the deposited money and crypto assets to the customer.
  • If the private key is lost, the client may not be able to access the portfolio’s crypto assets, which may lead to a decrease in value. In addition, if the private key becomes known to a third party, the customer may suffer unexpected losses.
  • Crypto assets can be used to pay consideration if the counterparty receiving the payment agrees to it.
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