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Ankr Partners with DVT Protocol SSV Network to Offer More Secure ETH Liquid Staking

Ankr Partners with DVT Protocol SSV Network to Offer More Secure ETH Liquid Staking

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Both teams have stated that the partnership will be an ongoing effort as they continue to improve the current staking and node user experience.

Web3-centric distributed multi-chain infrastructure provider Ankr has recently partnered with top Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) infrastructure protocol The strategic partnership is in line with its efforts to improve security of stakes and strengthen decentralization.

Ankr to integrate SSV network DVT protocol

According to the announcement, the strategic partnership will help Ankri in many ways. By leveraging the development of’s DVT, it aims to improve its risk management and validator performance. In addition, the move also increases decentralization across all nodes, making it completely trustless. In other words, the investor does not have to entrust his funds to strangers or institutions, as the system works independently.

Ankr also claims that combining’s technology with its liquid stakes ensures the safety of funds. Especially for those who hold liquid derivatives of Ankr. According to Filipe Gonçalves, Head of DeFi at Ankr;

“Ankr’s partnership with SSV.Network offers everything our Users want from a liquid investment – ​​the highest level of security and decentralization, as well as stable and attractive returns.”

In addition, the company also revealed its expansion plans for the coming months as it plans to rapidly increase its validator and operator base. However, the expansion plan must be at the level of the decentralized network of node operators so that the integration can be much more efficient.

Ankr also revealed plans to run several tests as it determines stability and return on investment, among other things online.

According to Alon Muroch, head of, Ankr is one of the pioneers of ETH liquid staking. Revealing the SSV ecosystem’s excitement with the partnership, Muroch also praised Ankri’s technological foresight and the company’s signature quick execution of plans. He said in part:

“For their decision to be an early adopter of DVT and build a next-generation stake on top of This takes the stake to the next level.”

Growing demand for Liquid Staking Solutions

Interestingly, the partnership between Ankri and has impeccable timing. It comes at a time when the demand for liquid batch solutions is growing.

Looking into the matter, it can be stated that staking currently takes a roughly 9 billion dollar share of the crypto economy. And expectations are that number could more than double and soon reach $20 billion. But that much of a leap is expected as a result of the just concluded Ethereum merger. In fact, if momentum is maintained and proof of stake becomes more widely used, it could reach $40 billion in 3 years.

Overall, both teams have indicated that the partnership will be an ongoing effort. This is because they both continue to work on improving the current staking and node experience. Either way, Ankr’s third-party node operator community will grow significantly as a result of this new partnership.

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Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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