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Binance Will Set Up a Recovery Fund for Struggling Crypto Businesses

Binance Will Set Up a Recovery Fund for Struggling Crypto Businesses

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In an effort to minimize the extent of the damage caused by the FTX collapse, the well-known crypto exchange, Binance, recently announced plans to establish a fund of around 1 billion Binance USD. BUSD is Binance’s own fiat-backed stablecoin. The funds are actually needed for Binance’s Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI).

The crypto industry suffered serious damage Terra and FTX deposition This year. The top cryptocurrency and stock market collapsed in the blink of an eye and managed to wreak havoc in the crypto-sphere. As a result, many investors lost their funds, while others lost confidence in future investment ventures. In addition, many organizations even reduced their total staff. Some of them even face the risk of bankruptcy.

Binance lends a helping hand

Binance has joined hands with many other key industry players to offer financial support for companies in need of help. In addition, Binance stated that the total allocations could be stretched 2 billion BUSD. This is done if the situation requires it.

Paxos notes that BUSD is fully authorized and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. In addition, it is fully collateralized by fiat currency assets, including US Treasuries. A leading crypto exchange also plans to bid for a bankrupt crypto lender Voyager Digital.

In addition, Binance believes that its role is to take the lead protect the ordinary consumer and play a central role in the reconstruction of the crypto industry. This belief is exactly the reason why the exchange has established the Industry Recovery Initiative.

However, Binance and other players are not just going to limit the support to only the financial factor. There are even plans to offer founders and projects detailed support. Support areas include establishment, implementation, fundraising and so on.

The Industry Recovery Initiative can even be classified an opportunity for many organizations that want to significantly improve the future of Web3. However, it is imperative that all participants give up their committed capital and speak publicly about the issue. There is a relatively high possibility that the fund can play a key role in finding an alternative commitment mechanism in the event that traditional financial institutions are unable to send money to a public address.

Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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