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Bringing Real-World Asset Ownership To The Web3 Realm

Bringing Real-World Asset Ownership To The Web3 Realm

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In 2021, ConstitutionDAO raised $47 million to purchase the original US Constitution. The document was at auction at Sotheby’s. ConstitutionDAO raised a lot of money but did not have a winning bid. Management is currently returning investors’ shares. The prelude was to prove that current business models are changing. Today, owning digital assets is becoming an important way to earn passive income.

The rise of NFTs and the evolution of digital asset ownership

Digital asset ownership has multiplied since Bitcoin entered the market in 2014. The total market value of digital assets has halved as of November 2021, and is currently reported to be close to $1.5 trillion.

Cryptocurrencies, alternative digital assets and ICOs are taking over the industry. This is where NFTs have a special place because they have improved the asset ownership system. Anyone can digitize assets and get proof of ownership. People can own 100% of an asset or own part of the same asset without damaging its value.

In the real world, one asset can have multiple owners. But this is not an ideal scenario for anyone as it often leads to ownership issues. NFTs have changed this completely. NFT assets are immutable and decentralized. Immutability rewards NFTs with the benefit of immutability.

NFTs can represent virtual real estate, game items, artwork, music, paintings, antiques, and more. The most expensive NFT was sold for $91.8 million. Almost 29,000 people bought one work of art. These people bought a total of 312,000 shares of the artwork, and each piece is an NFT.

In this way, NFTs have revolutionized asset ownership. Although each owner is ideally a co-owner, the usage rights are immutable.

From NFT to Web3 – Moving to the Next Generation Internet

The term “Web3” is hard to forget. It is almost everywhere, especially when it comes to blockchain, crypto and NFT technology. These are the new frontiers that people are using now, and they all have some clear advantages today and in the future.

The essence of Web3 is that it is decentralized. Web3 works with peer-to-peer technologies, including public blockchains. Today people use Web 2.0 but it is controlled by many giant IT companies like Google, Amazon etc. This gives these organizations an upper hand and they can control how the common man uses the web.

In Web 3.0, people gain shared ownership. It is more fair, just and responsible. Web 2.0 is where people buy and trade traditional commodities. And they face various problems while interacting with these resources. While stock markets are prone to crashes, bonds are prone to overlap or replication.

In addition, other property such as collectibles, cars, antiques, art, sports memorabilia and many other things can go up for auction. But here the original owner may lose access to the item depending on the exchange system.

Jupiter Exchange bridges the gap between real-world assets and crypto

Rising above the rest, Jupiter Exchange streamlines the entire process of fractional NFT ownership, trading and management. The platform curates valuable, exclusive and collectible items while listing them on the platform.

Objects or collectibles are minted and put into ownership on the platform as tokens of equal value. These tokens are then placed on the Jupiter market where anyone can buy them.

Once all tokens are sold, they are placed on the market for a bid-based buying or selling system. In this way, Jupiter bridges the gap between real assets and crypto-based exchange systems.

The Jupiter system allows the original owner to enjoy ownership of the property in the real world. In addition to this, asset NFTs bring value to them. So every NFT partitioned on Jupiter is backed by a physical asset, which helps improve the value of the NFTs you own.

Basically, Jupiter is not a crypto exchange but an asset exchange platform. The main purpose here is to allow people to share ownership of some of the loveliest things in the world.

Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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