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Cardano Metaverse Project CardaloniaReadies for Land NFT Presale for $LONIA Token Holders

Cardano Metaverse Project CardaloniaReadies for Land NFT Presale for $LONIA Token Holders

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Just a few hours ago, Cardano Blockchain underwent the most important network update, the Vasil Hard Fork, which brings more efficiency and scalability to the Cardano network.

Cardano has developed rapidly over the last few months based on more than 1000 Cardano projects. Cardalonia is one of a number of projects using the Cardano Blockchain to build a play for monetizing a creator-friendly metaverse.

Cardalonia utility token $LONIA has secured its second listing Bitmart Exchange, among Coinmarketcap’s top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Lonia price rose by almost 15% at the time of the listing and is currently trading at a higher price than the listing.

The $LONIA utility token can now be traded freely on Bitmartand P2pb2bon with the LONIA/USDT token below.

Cardalonia has also announced the first land pre-sale of Cardalonia Metaverse Land Parcels, available exclusively to whitelisted $LONIA token holders.

More than 250 wallets have been whitelisted to participate in the upcoming land presale scheduled to begin on October 3, 2022, after a snapshot of October’s stakes has been taken.

$LONIA token holders who have staked their tokens in the Cardalonia Non-Custodial Stake Vault prior to the October Snapshot to be whitelisted for the Cardalonia Land Pre-sale.

How to Join Cardalonia Land Presale

You can participate in the Cardalonia Land presale with these simple steps.

1: Buy $LON from P2pb2b or Bitmart

2: Create a Cardano compatible wallet such as Nami Wallet, Eternl or Yore and transfer your $LONIA tokens from the exchange to the wallet.

3: The minimum balance is 200 ADA (required minimum purchase in the pre-sale of the land)

4: Visit Cardalonia vault and Stake Your Lonia tokens

5: Wait for the October 1st snapshot for your bet to be activated, then you can whitelist the future land trade.

Cardalonia ISPO

Cardalonia ISPO scheduled to start after state pre-sale.

Users who contribute ADA to the $LONIA ISPO pool (Ticker: LONIA) can increase their ISPO rewards with either the $LONIA token or Cardalonia Land.

Start betting from ADA to the LONIA pool to get multiple benefits

What is Cardalonia?

Cardalonia is a 3D virtual reality Metaverse that runs on the Cardano Blockchain and offers the ability to provide multiple utilities to users across the ecosystem.

With the Cardalonia map, landowners can search for their Terranian plots after the land is sold and modify them to their own taste.

Stay tuned to Cardalonia

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Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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