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Casinos Blockchain Offers Unique Insights Into Fan Tokens

Casinos Blockchain Offers Unique Insights Into Fan Tokens

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Crypto and sports have a lot in common – both are fast-paced and have millions of fans. So it’s no surprise that crypto found its way into the sports industry in recent years. It also includes betting. Today there are more crypto casinos than ever before!

Sports teams have also capitalized on this trend by adopting fan badges. Are you curious about them? The experts at Casinos Blockchain provide the latest and most valuable information about fan IDs.

What are Fan IDs?

Fan IDs are digital currencies that allow supporters to connect with their favorite teams. This concept took off during the Covid era and has gained exponential momentum ever since.

Major sports leagues are jumping on the bandwagon, and several fans are coming. What do you use them for? Fan benefits! Tokens allow you to vote on fun team activities, earn rewards, or even access exclusive content.

We explore some of the sports that have embraced this unique concept.


Football is definitely the sport with the most fans. Big clubs like Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus have embraced them – and their followers love it.

Here are some examples of fan-related benefits for football enthusiasts:

  • Paris Saint Germain fans are voting for a new club badge on the captain’s armband. It now reads “Ici c’est Paris” – this is Paris!
  • Juventus let their fans choose their new goal celebration song.
  • Atlético de Madrid had fans pick up the message at their stadium, Tribuna Erico.
  • … the list goes on and on!

In addition to club football, the national teams have also participated in the fun. There are four teams with active fans heading to the FIFA World Cup, including:

  • ARG from the Argentine Football Association
  • POR for the Portuguese national team
  • BFT for the Brazilian team
  • SNFT for Spanish football fans

Brazil and Argentina are heavy favorites to win AND many fans are holding on to their tokens. We expect that the longer the teams stay in the competition, the more valuable the token can become. With crypto winter looming, this could be a great opportunity to grow your portfolio.

American Football

American football is the most popular sport in the USA, with millions of followers tuning in to the big games. You guessed it – many football enthusiasts can now enjoy crypto benefits. The Patriots and Tom Brady’s Buccaneers are clubs that launched big fans.


The basketball teams are not left behind either. Some of the most famous teams, such as the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers, also collaborate with Socios on a fan brand. We haven’t seen any big votes for basketball fans yet – but hey, if we have to wait a little longer for a chance to win seats on the court, join us!


The eSports industry is yet another place where fans are thriving. The dynamic nature of eSports offers a lot of potential for fan tokens. And teams have already taken notice.

There are currently six major teams with eSports fan IDs.

  • Endpoint CeX,
  • NAVI
  • AND Esports
  • Team Heretics
  • Team vitality
  • Made in Brazil.

One of the major franchises, NAVI, recently offered a limited edition T-shirt to token holders only. Alliance took this step by giving fans the chance to choose the entire roster for the upcoming season.

Fandom outside of sports

Fans have started to spread beyond the sports industry. One area that has potential for adoption is the entertainment industry. The use cases are almost endless:

Film studios can create codes for, for example, admission tickets or behind-the-scenes material. Bands can also use badges to sell merchandise or offer unique fan experiences. That is already happening.

The Grammy-winning band “Portugal the Man” was the first to launch a fan badge outside of sports. They released the $PTM token in January 2021 and generated a lot of interest – and for good reason. Owners got access to the members-only sound archive and the opportunity to participate in fun activities, even text and video chat with band members.

Final thoughts

Fan badges offer teams and supporters an innovative way to stay connected. The diverse use cases and applications span different industries – and this may lead more Teams to launch Fan IDs to engage their audience.

Make sure you visit Casinos Blockchain to get the scoop on all the growing trends in the cryptocasino industry” and check out the full Fan Tokens page here.

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