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Children Are Dying Due to China’s Horrific Zero Covid Policy

Children Are Drying Due to China’s Horrific Zero Covid Policy

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The regressive zero Covid policy in China has caused deaths and depression. Image credit: Chen Gang/VCG/Getty Images/CNN

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YEREVAN ( – Life in China has become hell for its citizens.

The constant closures, thanks to its strict zero-Covid policy, have brought financial hardship and led to many deaths. In addition, the Chinese authorities have now announced new restrictions that are causing panic and resentment among people.

Although the world has moved on from restrictions, the Chinese Communist Party is using Covid as an excuse to control citizens.

Several citizens have demonstrated against the Zero Covid policy in China
Several citizens have demonstrated against the Zero Covid policy in China amid increasing death and suffering

Zero Covid policy – multiple deaths in China

Several Chinese citizens have criticized the government for its harsh Covid policy. As the callous approach of the authorities continues while lives are being lost, people have started to protest against the senseless closure.

A four-month-old girl died of vomiting and diarrhea at a quarantine hotel in Zhengzhou earlier this month. Reason? Doctors who arrived at her house refused urgent treatment because the woman’s Covid test was negative.

An ambulance finally took him to the hospital twelve hours after his father called 911. But unfortunately it took two hours for him to reach the hospital. By the time he could get the medical attention he needed, he died.

His death comes just days after a three-year-old boy died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Lanzhou. Like the four-month-old girl, she received no medical attention. The authorities did not allow her father to take her to the hospital due to the lockdown, which led to her tragic death.

China is killing its citizens with repression.  The Zero Covid policy has brought suffering to the Chinese people
China is killing to its citizens through repressive prisons

In a recent CNN report, a young Chinese man accused the authorities of “killing his father.” Once a supporter of the zero-covid policy, she changed her mind when the lockdown prevented her 58-year-old father from getting medical help.

Even though there were no Covid cases in his building, the authorities refused to allow his father to get the medical help he needed.

These are just a few of the many stories coming out of China. The Chinese government’s zero covid policy is killing people instead of saving them. This is despite previous promises by President Xi Jinping that medical care will not be denied during the lockdown.

Several citizens also suffered from chronic depression as a result of the closure. According to reports, many people have resorted to suicide in mainland China and Tibet.

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More locks? Chinese citizens are protesting

Although China has been under a strict lockdown for the past three years, there seems to be no end in sight. Earlier this week, authorities announced that they had registered 331,527 new cases. This is a significant increase from the previous peak in April 2022 of 28,000.

According to official data, slightly more than 5,000 people have died from Covid 19. In a country of 1.4 billion people, this is only three deaths per million people.

However, the government has now decided to continue the closure.

The decision has caused widespread dissatisfaction in various cities. In the southern city of Guangzhou, protesters took matters into their own hands. They defied the barricade and flooded the streets. Videos from the city show angry citizens meeting with healthcare workers.

More locks?  Chinese citizens are protesting

According to reports, most of them are employees of Foxconn Technology Group. Foxconn is the world’s largest iPhone assembly plant. In addition to the stifling closure, they have also expressed anger at their employers over their wages and living conditions.

As a result, Foxconn has now promised $1,400 to each worker who wants to quit. The company has also offered them free home delivery.

As the anger and resentment increases, it is obvious that the Chinese people are fed up with the zero covid policy. However, the authorities still show no signs of concern.

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