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Coinbase Successfully Receives Regulatory Approval In Netherlands

Coinbase Successfully Receives Regulatory Approval In Netherlands

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The US Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase was the first in the Netherlands to receive official permission to offer crypto services.

Coinbase is a publicly listed crypto exchange and is known to offer highly compliant crypto services globally. The exchange has a very talented team capable of creating very innovative tools. Last August, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement bought tracking tool for $29,000 from Coinbase.

On September 22, the Coinbase exchange announced in a new blog post that it had received a green signal from the Dutch central bank to offer crypto services in the Netherlands.

This official approval allows the exchange to offer crypto services to retail and institutional investors, and the exchange can also offer its crypto products.

“This registration allows Coinbase to offer our full range of retail, institutional and ecosystem products to customers in the Netherlands,” the Coinbase post reads.

Additionally, Coinbase stated that the exchange’s goal was to bring innovation in the crypto sector to a fully compliant ecosystem, remain favorable to the public and policy makers, and create greater trust in digital assets.

Nana Murugesan, head of international and business development at Coinbase, shared his joy at the company’s success, saying that the Netherlands is a critical global market and he is happy that Coinbase is bringing the crypto economy to this sector.

“The Netherlands is a critical international crypto market, and I’m excited that Coinbase is bringing the possibilities of the crypto economy to market here.”

Earlier, on September 8, Coinbase funded a public lawsuit to pressure the US Treasury Department to reverse sanctions on crypto-mingling platform Tornado Cash. Through the lawsuit, the plaintiff argued that Tornado Cash is a neutral tool and can be used for good purposes.

A later response from the US Treasury claimed that Tornado Cash might be a neutral platform, but in reality bad actors were using it for their illegal fund transactions.

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Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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