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Crypto Exchange Bybit Provides Data From USDC Options to Analytics Platform Genesis

Crypto Exchange Bybit Provides Data From USDC Options to Analytics Platform Genesis

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As one of the world’s fastest growing crypto exchanges, Bybit has announced a new partnership with Genesis Volatility, a crypto options analytics platform, to accelerate the growth of Bybit’s new USDC-cleared options contracts, which currently include BTC, ETH and SOL contracts.

Bybit integrates its USDC options with Genesis volatility

Launched in March 2018, Bybit is a leading exchange in the emerging digital asset class, offering crypto traders a very fast matching engine, excellent customer service, and multilingual community support.

The crypto exchange’s market-beating liquidity is complemented by features such as portfolio margin, which lowers margin requirements for hedged positions.

Additionally, it also offers pooled accounts that accept BTC/ETH/USDT/USDC as collateral.

Meanwhile, Genesis Volatility is a crypto options analytics platform that helps traders find upside and capture alpha. According to the new partnership, Bybit supplies data to the analytics platform.

Bybit’s data and analysis is already available on the Genesis Volatility website, making it easier for traders to capture profits from market moves by seeing how Bybit’s popular options trades close.

Recently, the crypto exchange has also introduced its new online trading guide program with many different options and strategies for both beginners and experienced traders. The guide is also suitable for trading tools on the Genesis Volatility platform.

Not only that, but this integration also further strengthens the market position of both Bybit and Genesis Volatil.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, said:

“Genesis Volatility is a leading provider of crypto analytics and data, and in this field, data points and information are the foundation of any winning strategy. This partnership will further enhance the adoption and use of crypto options worldwide.

You benefit from the integration of crypto exchange and analysis platforms

As many organizations around the world have adopted blockchain technology, there is also a boom for investors to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies.

Hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges have been launched around the world to allow investors to trade cryptocurrencies, but their cost, quality, and security vary greatly.

“We are very excited about Bybit’s USDC-denominated options. This brings great trading opportunities for relative volatility strategies in crypto trading. It is an exciting source of benefits for traders. Co-founder and CEO of Genesis Volatility, Greg Magadini said.

To help investors navigate the world of buying and selling cryptocurrencies more easily, cryptocurrency exchanges need to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the software and information needed to start the cryptocurrency industry.

At the same time, crypto analytics puts the power of data into the hands of crypto investors to help them make the most of every opportunity and maximize returns by making better investment decisions.

The partnership of crypto exchanges and analysis platforms is considered to bring more benefits to crypto traders. In addition to tools, crypto traders can also check trends that can generate insightful findings to guide their next move.

The future of the crypto industry

Last week, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, changed the basic architecture that governs the security of its blockchain.

Ethereum has moved its blockchain from a “proof of work” configuration, which is also used by Bitcoin, to a “proof of stake” configuration.

The transition to the new style of blockchain will reduce Ethereum’s energy usage by 99.95 percent, which is also significant in an industry that is so energy intensive.

While the blockchain concept behind crypto-platforms like Ethereum is based on the idea that an entry cannot be changed once it is made, this Ethereum conversion shows that the crypto-universe can adapt as it grows, making cryptocurrencies more flexible.

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