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Darknet Forum Dread to Relaunch After Month-Long Downtime Due to DDOS Attack – Bitcoin News

Darknet Forum Dread to Relaunch After Month-Long Downtime Due to DDOS Attack – Bitcoin News

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According to online portal and anonymous reporter Darkdotfail, the popular darknet forum Dread has been down for a month. A well-known forum where patrons of the darknet market (DNM) discussed the security of the operation, evaluated certain vendors and talked about cryptographic ideas has been down for 30 days. However, the founder of the forum “Hugbunter” has announced that it will be relaunched in the near future.

Founder of Dread Forum announces plans to relaunch

In the underground world of the darknet market (DNM), the forum Dread was known as a source of information. According to an update posted on on January 1, 2023, the forum has been down for a month. “Dread is a critical source of truth in an anonymous community that has been rife with scams,” the update notes. “The popular Tor free speech forum went offline on November 30, 2022 and has not yet returned.” The update adds that while the Dread admin team usually posts status updates on Reddit at /r/dreadalert, communication has been minimal.

An anonymous editor known as Darkdotfail has tweeted about it, and their website also indicates that Dread is currently offline. According to an update posted on the website on 5/1/2023, Dread is offline due to a DDOS attack and readers should follow /r/dreadalert for updates. On January 2, 2023, a DNM and Tor researcher wrote that Dread founder Hugbunter had privately confirmed that the forum would return. “Dread has been offline for a month now, Hugbunter confirmed to us privately that it’s back,” Darkdotfail wrote. Two days later, Darkdotfail shared an update on the Reddit forum /r/dreadalert.

Privacy advocate and anonymous reporter said:

Hugbunter posted an update on Dread’s downtime to /r/dreadalert. Meanwhile, the team behind Incognito Market opportunistically coded and launched a competing platform, Libre, during Dread’s downtime. It’s never boring here.

Hugbunter’s post, which includes the founder’s PGP signature, explains that the team has been “working very hard to restore service.” In the post, Dread’s founder estimates that the team is about a week away from a fixed Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

“Right now we’re about a week away from being able to give a solid ETA on Dread’s return, but I’d say we’re hoping for it to be next week,” Hugbunter elaborated. “This depends on there being no other issues as we finalize everything on the server side and also if I manage to handle some codebase rewrites in time, but it’s not an easy or small task – So no more pressure please.”

This isn’t the first time Dread has experienced a significantly long downtime. On September 30, 2019, News reported the forum’s first major outage. At that point, Hugbunter’s dead man’s switch was triggered, resulting in a temporary loss of control of the forum. However, Hugbunter returned soon after and confirmed the identity of the forum owner using PGP keys associated with Dread’s founder. The forum remained active, with exceptions due to DDOS attacks, until November 2022. In addition to the outage caused by Dread’s DDOS attacks, the Tor Project reports that the Tor network itself has slowed down by nearly 50%.

Dread founder Hugbunter said in a Jan. 3 post that the forum’s DDOS issues will be resolved before it returns and “any other service that needs help.” Hugbunter promised that Dread will relaunch with a revamped user experience and proper DDOS protection, saying, “The relaunch and also my plans for the near future allow us all to make significant progress and continue to innovate in this space. We’re not going anywhere and I still have a lot to give and share.” “

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What do you think about Dread’s current downtime and Hugbunter’s explanation that the forum will be back soon? Let us know what you think about this topic in the comment section below.

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