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Developing a bond to your Axie

Axie Infinity returns to its origins Developing a bond to your Axie

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The Axie team plans to shift their focus back to Axies now that the switch from Classic to Origin is complete. At the Philippine Web3 Festival conference held on November 15, the company stated that the community would play a significant role in improving Origins, which still needed a lot of work.

Axie Infinity co-founder and conference attendee Jeff Zirlin reintroduced the idea of ​​restoring ecology to its original state, as pristine as it was two centuries ago. The company also revealed that it cannot rely on any single game experience to make the ecosystem successful. The relationship between collecting, caring for pets, and playing Axie is what makes the game what it is. People should invest emotionally in their axis, Zirlin added.

Over the course of two days, Manila hosted two separate Axie Infinity: Origins eSports competitions in wildly different formats. The MMG Axie Master’s League and Axie Open Manila 2022 were the two tournaments in question. The primary differences between the two competitions were the rules used, the venues used and the rosters of the competing teams.

YGG will host the first tournament as part of the PH Web3 Festival. Among the original 16 competitors is Plant Bug Rage, a team made up almost entirely of other Plant Bug teams. Axie Infinity’s Grand Final featured Quests and SpamAndShips. After winning all four Quests 4 matches, Spam was declared the winner and awarded a prize.

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game where players win in-game prizes by collecting Axes. It was developed by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese video game studio, and is based on their Ronin sidechain protocol. The team is focused on building a digital land where community members can play together with their own inventions, win prizes and live in Lunacia.

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