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Ethereum node developer, Akula, shuts down –

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The developers behind the Ethereum node project, Akula, have decided to shut down the project because they are unable to compete with a recently announced rival project with similar features led by a well-known crypto VC firm.

The primacy of the Giant Paradigm project washes away from the humble Akula project

Ethereum core developer Artem Vorotnikov announced on Twitter on Wednesday that the Ethereum node project Akula will be completed. He tweeted: “Unfortunately, we can’t beat the multi-billion VCs who copy and paste our architecture and code.” The developers of the project no longer maintain or run the project. The code is still available because it is open source.

That announcement hinted at the creation of an identical node client by the team getting better funding, though Vorotnikov didn’t name the project. A rival project is believed to be Reth, a Rust-based Ethereum client maintained by crypto VC outfit Paradigm.

Vorotnikov even shared screenshots of Paradigm CTO Georgios Konstantopoulos probing the Akula project with very detailed questions. In the middle of his answers, Vorotnikov had asked what Paradigm was building, but didn’t get an answer.

After this conversation, the Akula developers discovered that Paradigm was indeed working on their project. They thought they had no chance against this competitor who would quickly and easily meet and surpass them, so they decided to stop working for Akula.

In an announcement on Twitter, Vorotnikov said: “We don’t see how Akula will be able to attract future funding from grants (and that’s how it’s funded now), and thus it doesn’t make sense to use our scarce resources.” He also added that he’ll be taking a step back from Ethereum development in the near future.

After Akula’s white flag announcement, Georgios Konstantopoulos, CTO of Reth, announced Reth and shared some core information about it. However, he stated that Reth is not a copy or rewrite of any other client application, but Reth “standing on the shoulders of giants like the Geth, Erigon, and Akula.”

Akula’s progress during the year

The Akula project, which started last year in 2021, is a high-performance Ethereum client written in rust, most of the initial building blocks of which had to be written practically from scratch only by Artem Vorotnikov.

Ethereum clients are software applications that allow nodes to read blocks on the network and interact with smart contracts. Vorotnikov started building the project as an open source customer implementation in 2021 with a small team of developers.

Akula’s small team, along with some other developers who later joined the project, moved on to build the EVM implementation, the embedded MDBX database bindings, the fast RLP library, the entire devp2p implementation, the loader for blocks and headers, and the space root calculation. to be in the same way as Erigon.

All this done in just over a year is commendable progress, and it’s quite understandable that Akula can’t move forward, as it needs more support than ever at this stage of development. Akula is still fragile to resist the entry of a bigger, more popular and well-funded competitor.

Although the developers leave the management of the project and technology transfer, the Akula project remains public and open source, so anyone can apply for it and continue to develop it.

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