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Exploring NFTs with Web3 Opportunities: A Deep Dive into BIB Meta 

Exploring NFTs with Web3 Opportunities: A Deep Dive into BIB Meta 

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Those filled with grief are not only Wednesday’s children, but also modern-day idealists whose dreams have been shattered by Tornado Cash sanctions. This seems to further prove the fact that decentralization can only be truly realized in a democratic culture that reinforces the notion of decentralization of power and rights as it provides an avenue for strong community consensus towards the crypto world.

As a result of mutual agreement, this becomes the rapid growth of Web3, metaverse, and so on due to personal information that is no longer satisfied with the technology developed in this society. The frequent incidents of data leaks under conventional centralized control have led to a loss of trust, especially in terms of privacy, security, transparency and openness.

Based on this, BIB Meta will bring about a brand new Web3 ecosystem, which it will mutually strengthen with BIB Exchange, which represents diverse Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) community nodes that will bring humanity a stone’s throw away from Web3.

Go even stronger with DAO

BIB Meta is known among the public mainly for its innovation. Still, the implementation of the DAO mechanism is a comparatively significant factor.

A DAO consists of smart contracts that implement decisions approved by the majority based on the basic rules of a given community. It can definitely be considered a huge step forward in terms of autonomy and transparency, as voting and even the code itself can be publicly audited by anyone and everyone. By combining the DAO, BIB Meta is able to achieve additional achievements in decentralization for the betterment of the global financial environment.

The world’s first Web3 ecosystem derived from a centralized platform token

BIB Meta strives and will always strive to be the end point that users can set on their Web3 journey. Mutual empowerment between BIB Exchange and BIB Meta serves as a competitive advantage in this fresh environment. Of which BIB Exchange gives value to its original token $BIB through several functions such as discounts on trading fees, IEO whitelisting, and token dividends are validated by BIB Meta. On the other hand, BIB Meta supports BIB Exchange through many different projects such as community nodes, NFT, GameFi, etc. to ensure a win-win situation.


BIB Meta NFTs are beautifully designed trading cards featuring 160 exclusively selected soccer stars from the World Cup Qatar 2022. The 160 soccer players are ranked according to S/A/B/C levels based on their rating and number of players. the trading cards available at each level are 10/30/50/70. Each soccer star has 150 1-star trading cards for sale, and there are also 10 S-level 3-star cards for sale. Endlessly fascinating, every Fifth trading card can be upgraded to one higher star through fusion, and all trading cards can also be freely traded in the market.

Different from other NFT projects, BIB Meta NFT is the world’s first NFT whose value is strongly correlated with the platform. At the same time, BIB Meta NFT is not limited to be used only for staking BIB tokens, but also for creating community nodes.

BIB Meta Community Nodes

The BIB Meta team believes that the core of the human economy is fundamentally based on finance. Thanks to the continuous research of blockchain technology, the trust mechanism can now be established entirely based on mathematical logic. Thanks to the DAO, decentralization is further implemented using the blockchain protocol and point-to-point value connection to achieve a free and efficient flow of value.

Although there is still a long way to go before a true DAO is implemented, BIB Meta is ready to break ground by working on community nodes. BIB Meta’s community nodes are an early prototype of the BIB Meta DAO system, paving the way for the growth of the DAO from an early stage by introducing global users and introducing the concepts of DAO and decentralization to the public.

How to become a BIB Meta community node operator?

The happy news is that everyone can become part of the community node operators by staking NFT. Nevertheless, community nodes are categorized into regular and supernodes to run full-scale applications to meet the needs of thousands and millions of users.

A regular community node

Creating a regular node can be done by staking a 3- or 4-star trading card and delegating a certain number of BIB tokens as the node’s initial capital. Where the successful creation of a regular node gives the owner an NFT token that allows the amount of initial capital to be changed. Not to mention, a regular node can be delegated to a supernode as a whole to receive BIB Meta profit dividends.

Super Community Node

With a maximum of 30 delegations from users and other community nodes, the node is automatically upgraded to a supernode, where each supernode is privileged to receive delegations from up to 10 regular nodes.

In the BIB Meta community node, the supernode is really the grand slam of the entire ecosystem in terms of overall benefits, which mainly cover the following four aspects:

  1. BIB token winnings from NFT betting
  2. Profits of initial capital delegations
  3. Profit dividends for node owners
  4. Dividends from node credentials

Not to mention, early birds who own supernodes are also eligible for early adopter rewards.

How to become an early bird of a community node operator?

Due to the difficulty of 3-star and 4-star NFT mergers, community nodes can be created in advance by acquiring an S-level 3-star NFT from the auction. By becoming a node owner before others, the golden opportunity to receive more delegations can be seized with a greater chance of becoming a supernode. At the same time, users can also take note of the whitelist in the pre-sale and get BIB Meta NFTs at half price to start the journey with extreme benefits.

Starting with DAO, BIB Meta community nodes will dedicatedly participate in coin voting, ecosystem building, and step-by-step building MetaFi into a healthy ecosystem through various dimensions such as DeFi, GameFi, etc. in the near future.

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Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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