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Feed3 Offers A Feedback-to-Earn Reward System Unmatched By Avalanche Or Qtum


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Despite the remarkable growth and success of many Game-Fi platforms, many others have failed to gain traction. This failure is due to a lack of communication between developers and users. Feed3 (FD3) was created to solve this problem.

Feed3 is the first crypto platform that rewards its users for giving honest feedback. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain network to make its services fast and affordable. Feed3 is not a virtual game platform, but it creates an additional reward opportunity for the player.

Feed3: The first Blockchain-based feedback protocol

Feed3 (FD3) is new to the crypto space. It was created to facilitate communication between players and developers. This is necessary for gaming platforms to stay up-to-date with the needs of their players. Lack of communication has led to many games being shut down.

Feedback forms were convenient at the time, but they are no longer relevant because they have served their purpose. These forms are limited in that they do not always convey all information provided by users.

In addition, feedback forms are usually prone to grammatical errors, which prevent a smooth flow of information from users to developers. On the other hand, the Feed3 platform allows users to send audio recordings for feedback.

Feed3 reward system

Smart contracts control Feed3 functions; they play an essential role in receiving, processing and rewarding players’ feedback. Play-to-ear environments and Metaverse platforms can communicate with each other using Feed3.

Users do not need additional devices to provide feedback after each game. Instead, the Feed3 platform has an integrated noise-canceling audio recording system that helps it capture user feedback.

Input3 compared to Avalanche

The Avalanche blockchain is a stake-based blockchain created to compete with the Ethereum network; it is designed to solve the blockchain trilemma by providing its users with an inexpensive platform to host their crypto projects.

Avalanche will issue its initial cryptocurrency, whose signature is AVAX. This helps power the Avalanche ecosystem by serving as a reward for validators in the Avalanche ecosystem.

Feed3 is not just a proof-of-stake platform; it rewards its users for interacting with its platform. All blockchain-based virtual games integrated with the Feed3 feedback protocol have two reward streams.

How does Feed3 compare to Qtum?

The Qtum (QTUM) blockchain was launched in 2017. It is a platform designed with features of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Qtum integrates these blockchain features, offering the best of both networks. It utilizes smart contracts held by the Ethereum blockchain with Bitcoin transaction functions. The goal is to attract more users to the Qtum ecosystem.

Qtum is also an administrative token that gives its holders the right to vote on its platform. These token holders can participate in deciding the future of the Qtum project.

Feed3 is expected to become a valuable tool for the ever-growing Metaverse and virtual gaming communities. Its adoption in crypto will help it succeed and hopefully help it replace the Qtum platform in the future.

Feed3 Token Presale

In addition to the many opportunities available in the Feed3 ecosystem, there is another reason to become part of the Feed3 crypto community. The Feed3 native ID is currently on pre-sale. This pre-sale rewards every participant with a 40% bonus on purchases made within 15 minutes of registering on the Feed3 platform.

You’ll also get a $25 reward if you invite others to join the presale. This $25 reward is awarded to both parties when said person makes a $75 purchase.

How to buy a Feed3 (FD3) token

Follow the steps below to buy Feed3 (FD3) in its presale.

Phase 1: Connect your computer to Metamask Wallet or Trustwallet if you use a smartphone.

Step 2: Visit the official pre-sale site using any browser.

Step 3: Fill in the information requested on the page.

Step 4: Buy enough popular coins for your wallet using any of the available cryptocurrencies (eg ETH, USDT, BNB)

Step 5: Choose the coins you bought as a means of payment

Step 6: Change payment ID to Feed3 (FD3) ID

Step 7: Wait until after the pre-sale to get your Feed3 (FD3) ID.

Feed3 identified a problem in the crypto space and developed a viable solution that rewards users and developers. Please join Feed3 to enjoy its benefits.

For more information about Feed3 (FD3), see the links below:

Advance sales



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Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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