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Futures Business Grows by 1200% and Exceeds 10 Million Users – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Futures Business Grows by 1200% and Exceeds 10 Million Users – Sponsored Bitcoin News

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Recently, cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC published two retrospective articles: Major events in the cryptocurrency market 2022, what influenced you the most? Blog – Top 10 highlights of MEXC 2022which looked at the cryptocurrency market in 2022 and the development of MEXC over one year.

2022 is the most dramatic year in the crypto industry. It has experienced many far-reaching black swan events such as LUNA collision and FTX thunderstorm. For users, project parties or cryptocurrency trading platforms, capital institutions, etc., 2022 was a year of suffering.

Also this year MEXC Global continued to thoroughly optimize Futures, launched the second-level K-line function, launched NFT Index and other products at the same time, updated the brand color “Ocean Blue” and other measures, not only sustained the crypto market in the second half of this year, but its global users also exceeded 10 million, its Futures liquidity rose to first place in the world. Its futures business grew by 1200%.

The liquidity of the future is number one and the business has grown by 1200%

In 2022, MEXC will focus on optimizing futures products, continue to optimize basic liquidity according to user needs, and provide contract products with second-level K-line functions, contract maker 0 rate functions, etc.

Blockchain Media Cointelegraph reported that since September of this year MEXFutures liquidity had reached a world first. Liquidity indicators are important for Contract Trading. In a liquid market, there are always many offers, and traders can easily come and go. The better the liquidity, the smaller the spread and the lower the transaction costs. Markets with poor liquidity can have a significant price differential, increasing the risk of liquidation in extreme market conditions.

October 25th MEX updated the functionality of Futures products and launched the second level K line function. MEXC is the first cryptocurrency trading platform in the world to launch the second-level K-line function of Futures. The added second-level K-line, which lasts as a “1-second” period, creates a single candlestick chart that is more timely and intuitive to reflect transactional data such as real-time prices, trading volume, and market depth.

A few days ago MEXC again announced the growth of its contract business. Its average daily trading volume has increased by 1200% and it also launched zero-fee operation for Futures Maker. By Cryptorank According to the data, the daily futures trading volume of the main currencies BTC & ETH and MEXC ranks fourth worldwide.

Burn $246 million in MX

In December 2021, MEXC released the MX Token2.0 plan. Through MX Token community voting, not only will one MX held by the MEXC Foundation be directly burned, but the approved rules will increase the intensity of MX buybacks and destruction. 40% of all platform profits are used to buy back and burn MX.

The data shows that between 7/12/2021 and 7/12/2022 a total of approximately 110,332,145 MX burned. Of those, 100 million MX will be burned directly in December 2021; In 2022, 2,266,655 MX will be repurchased in Q1, 3,876,215 MX will be repurchased in Q2, and 4,189,275 MX will be repurchased in Q3. Value about 246 million dollars.

The first platform to launch a blue-chip NFT Index

In the first half of this year, the NFT market was bullish, but blue-chip NFTs often cost a few ETH or even tens of ETH, which discouraged many people. MEXC announced the NFT index for the first time in the world in April. By buying carefully selected blue-chip NFTs like Heard, Clone X, Azuki, Meebits, Doodlesetc. in support, it divides them into a certain number of tokens and launches the corresponding NFT index. The purpose of publishing the NFT index is mainly to reduce the threshold for users to access NFT. Users can buy or sell a portion of the NFT index at any time without buying the entire NFT. When the proportion of NFT index holders reaches a full NFT, they can exchange the corresponding NFT.

Leveraged ETFs lead the ETF market

It is clear that the MEXC leveraged ETF is an open-ended ETF product launched during 2019. Its features are that the trading rules are as simple as spot products, no margin is required, no liquidation rules and it has an interest rate effect. By Cryptorank According to the data, among similar products in the entire network, the trading volume of the MEXC leveraged ETF ranks first.

Online Fan Token Trading Zone

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has increased cryptocurrency traders’ interest in World Cup-themed fan brands and launched independent tracks in the second half of the year. Top exchanges such as MEXC and Binance successfully opened trading areas for fan tokens. Unlike other fans, fans are utility tokens associated with clubs, teams or brands that grant their owners special fan rights and enhance interaction between fan clubs. MEXC is the exchange with the most online fan tokens, with 39 fan tokens released, such as CHZ, POR, ARG, BFT, ACM, etc.

MEXC x Coinbase x Trust Framework

The TRUST network is an alliance of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges designed to provide the necessary information disclosure and privacy prevention. MEXC has joined the TRUST Network this year, committed to focus on protecting customer privacy and data security with 62 top companies worldwide, including PayPal, Binance, etc.

Trust online solutions:

  • Make sure the information is correct sent
  • Avoid leaking personal data stored on third-party servers
  • Prevent misuse of sensitive data

M-Ventures completes brand upgrade, capital scale is $200 million

M-Ventures, a fund under MEXC, closed on September 28 brand update, and had $200 million in equity. M-Ventures mainly focuses on three investment priorities in the primary market, which are Web3, new public chain ecology and infrastructure. Over the past 3 years, M-Ventures’ investment portfolio includes dozens of notable projects such as Polkadot, Avalanche, Manta, etc.

Brand color updated to “Ocean Blue”

November 18th MEX completed brand color update from “forest green” to “sea blue”. It is understood that “Ocean Blue” was originally a brand color suggested by Korean-speaking users and was first updated on the Korean station after MEXC’s evaluation. Following its widespread popularity among Korean users, user surveys were conducted in several key countries and regions. Following the suggestions of most users, it was finally decided to update the entire site to the brand color “Ocean Blue”.

“Ocean Blue” means “All rivers flow into the sea.” The upgrade of the brand color “Ocean Blue” not only corresponds to the concept of “Users first, MEXC changes for you”, but also better interprets the characteristics of the platform – safe and professional, open and inclusive, exploration and the future of hope. .

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Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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