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How Can You Buy Bitcoin And Invest In Cryptocurrency?

How Can You Buy Bitcoin And Invest In Cryptocurrency?

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Hannah Parker

With the rise of Bitcoin as an investment target, new traders often enter the market to buy cryptocurrencies. From the beginning, investing in Bitcoin may seem like a complicated process, but thanks to new platforms and methods of buying cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

There are a few ways to buy cryptocurrencies to invest in Bitcoin and altcoins. While some of them require more technical knowledge, others are perfect for first-time Bitcoin buyers.

Use of the trading platform

By using trading software like Bit code method you can buy Bitcoins without paying fees and the opportunity to learn technical terms without having to know the intricacies of the market. You can also rely on intelligent automated software to make trades for you, so you don’t have to follow the market consistently to make well-timed trades.

The software is designed to use historical industry data and accurately predict market movements to make the most profitable trades possible. You can also use the platform to manually trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and use the demo mode to start trading if you are a first time trader in the market.

Buying from a financial platform

As the industry grows, more and more financial companies are adopting Bitcoin. Financial applications such as PayPal and American mobile payment service Venmo are two financial service providers that now offer cryptocurrency trading as part of their services.

PayPal offers users and merchants the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin in the same interface as other purchases, and does not charge for storing Bitcoin (there is a fee for buying and withdrawing). As a company owned by PayPal, Venmo has the same payment method.

Buying Bitcoin from a crypto machine

Investors can also buy Bitcoins directly from a Bitcoin or crypto machine. For this method, you first need a Bitcoin wallet to send your crypto to.

How to use a Bitcoin ATM:

  • Enter your phone number and paste the confirmation number that will be sent to your phone.
  • Verify your identity. As part of Know-our-customer (KYC) regulation, Bitcoin ATMs may require you to confirm that you are who you say you are. This is also used through your mobile phone.
  • Scan your Bitcoin wallet’s QR code – the address where your Bitcoins will be sent.
  • Deposit your cash. Since you may be using an ATM to send money to your account, you simply need to place your money in the machine’s designated receptacle. The machine will calculate it and let you know how much you will get in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency.
  • Confirm the amount and complete the transaction. If you are satisfied with the amount of Bitcoin you received, accept the transaction and your Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet.

Use of crypto exchange

One of the most popular ways for people to buy and trade Bitcoin is through a cryptocurrency exchange. There are a few advantages to using a cryptocurrency exchange, for example: Most exchanges have built-in wallets and provide storage and a place for your Bitcoins if you are not trading and do not want to sell.

There are two different types of cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Centralized exchanges, meaning there is a central company/entity that takes care of your funds for you. These are a little simpler than their counterparts, but it means you leave your crypto in the hands of an exchange.
  • Decentralized exchanges that give you complete control over your tokens.


No matter which way you choose to buy your cryptocurrency, the process doesn’t have to be difficult, and you’re entering an exciting market and growing industry. Crypto investments are on the rise, and more traders in various industries are seeing the potential for revenue and operations of the emerging technology.

Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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