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How to accept Recurring Invoices in Horizen

Horizen Recurring Invoices

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It’s hard to think of another cryptocurrency that offers as powerful a combination of efficiency and decentralization as Horizen. It is simply on another level in terms of performance and transaction costs, making it a superior payment solution. Businesses who are entertaining the idea of ​​adopting crypto payments at no extra cost should therefore definitely look towards Horizen as it is almost impossible to find a better option. With NOWPayments, businesses and services accept Horizen’s crypto-recurring billing payments. With the Recurring Billing Tool, you can now receive payments in ZEN on a regular basis.

Key Points:

  • ZEN is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency.
  • ZEN payments are efficient and sustainable.
  • Receive recurring invoices in ZEN with NOWPayments’ Recurring Billing feature.

What is Horizen crypto?

Horizen is not your average blockchain. In fact, it is an advanced interoperable blockchain ecosystem operated by Horizen Labs. Its infrastructure is supported by crypto’s largest and most decentralized multi-layer node infrastructure. Horizen’s operation is based on its original ZEN token. ZEN cryptocurrency has a total of 21,000,000 coins and has an incredible feature of extra private transactions thanks to Horizen’s zk-SNARKS technology.

The pros and cons of Horizen payments

Horizen offers superior performance and top-notch privacy without compromising network security. That’s why ZEN is by far the best choice you can make when it comes to accepting crypto payments. With ZEN token payments, companies can speed up transactions, cut costs and offer their customers unparalleled anonymity. Let’s explore the main advantages of Horizen in detail.



Horizen crypto is anonymous

Unlike most blockchains, Horizen takes the extra step of providing users with obfuscation by allowing them to use special Z-addresses. These addresses are called protected. Unlike regular addresses, which are Anonymous but transparent, Z-addresses use zero-data encryption to encrypt the sender, receiver, and amount transferred.


Horizen crypto is powerful

Horizen events are very effective because they are fast and at the same time affordable. Blockchain has enormous performance and can handle thousands of transactions per second.

As a result, the average ZEN payment can reach the company offering ZEN subscriptions almost instantly. There are also no additional costs for fast processing, as ZEN transaction fees usually cost less than a cent.


Horizen's crypto is sustainable

Unlike large blockchains like Bitcoin, Horizen has a negligible impact on the environment. It uses the power-intensive Proof-of-Work protocol, which allows it to operate without leaving a huge carbon footprint. With the help of Horizen’s crypto payments, companies can become greener and more environmentally friendly and reduce their contribution to climate change.


Price fluctuations

ZEN is not a stable coin, which means that its price can sometimes change drastically due to market fluctuations. Fortunately, NOWPayments’ auto-conversion feature allows you to avoid this problem and automatically convert your ZEN payments to fiat to avoid price fluctuations.

Scale of adoption

While Horizen significantly outperforms Bitcoin in terms of efficiency, it still lacks the scale that Bitcoin boasts. Nevertheless, Horizen still has a large number of investors and owners who enjoy using ZEN and are happy to support companies that offer ZEN payments.

How do I accept Horizen as a recurring payment?

The Recurring Billing feature offered by NOWPayments allows companies, services or individuals to collect recurring invoices in Horizen and other cryptocurrencies from an unlimited number of people. It allows you to adjust the intervals at which your customers will receive recurring invoices by email asking them to pay for their order. You are free to define each invoice or simply apply the same conditions to an entire batch of invoices. You can cancel orders at any time. In addition, you can automatically convert all the crypto payments you collect to fiat using NOWPayments’ automatic conversion function.

To enable recurring billing, you simply need to use NOWPayments, which are as follows:

  1. Create a NOWPayments account.
  2. Enter your payment address.
  3. Use the Recurring Invoicing API (read detailed instructions here).
  4. Set up a recurring payment plan.


Cryptocurrency ZEN fits perfectly into your company’s list of payment methods. Enable recurring billing for ZEN coins through NOWPayments.

Read more about Horizen fees

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