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How To Succeed At Google Ads Marketing

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Ads marketing is more important than ever. Getting potential customers who have already started the buying process by doing a Google search is critical for any business – small or large. We give you tips on how to get more out of your Ads marketing. 

How many keywords?

When creating a new campaign, or creating your first campaign, you should have up to 15-20 keywords per ad group. You always want to start a little broad since the first weeks are for testing. It is only through tangible data that we can know which keywords are actually generating sales.

How long a test period lasts depends on the daily budget. The higher the budget, the faster we get enough data to see trends on which keywords are performing.

Ideally, you remove one keyword at a time over a longer period, but to make the tips in this blog simple, you can remove the approximately 50% of the worst keywords after 1 week.

Then remove about 1 keyword per page. week until you are left with the 5 best keywords.

Identifying the best keywords is not always easy, but CTR and CPC are good indicators.

Advertising add-ons

Ad extensions are bonus sections that you can make available to Google Ads. Ads will then, where they believe it is expedient, display additional information related to your ad. This is very important to increase your CTR (what percentage of those who see your ad click on it).

Ad extensions provide multiple inputs to your landing page, make your ad physically larger, and display important information at the ad level.

AdWords Highlight
An example where Utheve’s Ads ad is displayed when searching for «digital marketing»

1: Here we see an example of info extension. Here we can add 2-6 points that appear below the ad itself. Often used to list USP (unique selling points / why they should choose you).

2: “Contact us today” and “Marketing on LinkedIn” are two direct links to specific places on the landing page. This is called extension for website links. By linking to specific topics on your landing page, you increase the chance of clicks.

3: On the last line we see address extension, call extension and opening hours. This builds credibility. The customer sees that this is a real business. It also lowers the threshold for contact.

Build the landing page first

The most important thing you can do to get better results on your Ads account is to build a custom landing page for the campaign you are running. Then build the ad based on the landing page.

An important indicator of how high a Quality Score your ads get (important for placement in search results) is escape rate. Simply explained – the extent to which those who click on your ad will find relevant information on your landing page.

The worst thing you can do is create a pointed campaign for a product you sell, also link the campaign to your front page where all the products / services are presented. Then the customer will feel cheated when the ad expressed that they came to a page with specific information.

In summary

Google Ads is known for providing a confusing experience for first-time users. Which means that many people just run a campaign without going through all the settings and options the platform provides.

At best, you’re missing out on the potential of AdWords. In the worst case, you will be punished and have to pay extra per. click because your campaigns get a low Quality Score. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the opportunities Ads provides.

Good luck with the marketing!

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