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How to succeed with digital marketing?

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To succeed with digital marketing, you need to work systematically and purposefully over time. One big mistake many people make is that they do not take advantage of the vast amount of data and statistics digital marketing provides access to. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at some specific measures you can start with today.

Logging of results and statistics with a year wheel in marketing

Most of what you do in digital channels is logged in the tool you use so you can go back at any time to look at historical data. The challenge is that the amount of data is so enormous that it is often difficult to draw any conclusions from data generated many months ago. 

The solution is to continuously create reports on the marketing activities. Preferably once a month in a year wheel for marketing. 

There are many ways to do this, from spreadsheets in excel to scribbles in a notebook. Internally in Utheve AS, we use simple slides with a focus on specific comments combined with clippings from the digital tools. It provides a nice balance between information density and clarity.

A/B testing

Which is critical to effectively find the best message and the best audiences an A \ B testing. Digital marketing makes this a breeze. A \ B testing can be to show the same audience two different ads. Preferably with only one difference. For example, the headline. After x number of exposures, we can conclude which headline was best. Then we remove the worst ad, make a copy of the best but change the image. Continue until there is no significant difference between the two ads you are testing. Then you have found the best ad for your target audience. 

Annual wheel marketing

An annual cycle for marketing is an overview of all planned marketing activities throughout an entire year. Without an annual cycle, it is impossible to make good and effective use of the marketing budget.

But it does not stop there. Results and observations from completed activities can be written directly into the annual cycle, and in this way you get the information gathered in a very clear way. 

All A \ B testing you have done throughout the year. All ad placements. ROI on all channels. Everything is gathered in the year wheel. When you are going to make the year wheel for next year, make a copy of last year, and go through the statistics and comments on all the activities. Make necessary adjustments to this year’s plan based on last year’s information, and now everything is in place for you to get even better results than last year. 

This is how you work systematically and purposefully with digital marketing. The annual wheel itself can be made in many different ways. A stylish and effective way is to use dedicated platforms to do so. Plandisc is a popular platform you can use to create a year wheel for your digital marketing. There you can also collaborate with others in the company in the same year wheel if you go for the Business version (1295, – per year, read more at ).

Summary annual wheel marketing

A lot of money is wasted when it comes to marketing in general. Digital marketing opens the doors for very systematic and effective work with marketing. The tools and opportunities are easily accessible to everyone. We have come to February in 2019 now. It is still time to make a strategic and good plan for 2019. Start with testing at an overall level. For example. channel level. And work your way down to the details in the long run. Find a system that works for you and your business!

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