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Instagram Shopping – from swipe to trade

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Instagram Shopping helps companies to make it as easy as possible for the customer to get the information they want when they find an interesting item on the internet. Instagram is a social platform where we sweep through post after post while communicating with people all over the world. Here we find inspiration, comments, tags and likes. Instagram has taken advantage of this trend by offering Instagram shopping.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping is a separate shopping solution in the Instagram app. Businesses can use the app to reach out and communicate with the customer on a more personal level. The customer gets easier access to requested information about goods they come across. 

It works just like instagram has always done, with just a few simple customizations. If you have used instagram privately, have you definitely tagged the group of friends in a post? Instagram shopping works the same, the difference is that you tag items that give the customer a direct link to the product. How many times have you not found something interesting and then searched forever on the online store, and given up the search? You’re free now! 

How to use Instagram Shopping

How to use Instagram Shopping?

Instagram shopping is constantly evolving. Exciting functions are rolled out continuously. Today I will show you some ways you can use instagram shopping to increase your sales. 

Swipe to trade

Instagram Shopping is mainly used to get more people to swipe directly to the page where you can buy the product. By clicking on the product, you enter the selected product directly. You can use both posts and stories to direct traffic to your products. 

A hiking enthusiast sweeps through photos in the category # mountain top. A picture of a hunter resting by the fire appears. The tour enthusiast sees that the backpack seems practical, clicks on the picture, whereupon a tag appears with the name and price of the backpack. The customer presses the tag and is sent directly to the sales page where the bag can be purchased. From there, it takes 30 seconds to complete the trade.

Swipe and pay

Some users on Instagram have been given the opportunity to offer payment directly in the app. Mostly influencers. An influencer constantly receives inquiries about promoting products. Today, many people use what are called affiliate programs where they get a small percentage per sale. On instagram, it is difficult to use this type of system without it being perceived as spam.

Instagram Shopping is an exciting alternative to this as you can limit the number of posts by adding several product tags in the same post. When you click on a product, you get an alternative that makes it possible to pay directly in the person’s instagram store. This makes it possible to have your own instagram store with products from several online stores. 

An Instagram user is looking at the profile of his favorite influencer who recently posted an outfit with a jacket that caught his interest. Click buy in the app, and the jacket is on its way home. 

Try before buying

The latest launch for instagram that is now being tested by some companies, such as Ray-Ban, is AR filter. This is done so easily that inside the app you can test the product on yourself before you buy.

AR is short for Alternative Reality. It has been seen for a long time in the film industry where they play on alternative reality. Trolls and other non-existent ones that appear in reality-based landscapes for example. This has been further developed so that it can be used in filters on social media. Instagram has used this so that you can test a product virtually before you click it home.

Inside Ray-Ban’s Instagram Shop, the real estate agent finds a pair of sunglasses that look really professional, but do they fit? To test, he swipes down inside the product in the instagram store, gets a camera and can try on the glasses. They looked smashing. Shop – do not think more about it.

Instagram Shopping AR filter

How to Find Instagram Shopping Posts? 

By using Instagram Shopping, the company will be clearly visible. The posts appear in several places in the app. You can capture the attention of followers as well as use tags to get the attention of new potential customers. 

Your followers are reached when the post is posted. The post is visible on the front page of your profile and in the news feed. The news feed is the first page that appears when you log in. Here you get all the posts from profiles you follow. The post also appears in a separate shopping feed, on the front page, together with a news feed. Shopping posts from all stores the customer follows are located here. If you want to check out the latest shopping posts, this is where you swipe. 

The desire is to get the attention of new potential customers. Hashtags can be used in the same way as in regular posts to reach people who are looking for similar products. 

If you are looking for new sweaters, #sweaters are used to find inspiration. If you have used shopping tags in your post, you now have a head start in directing those interested to your store.

You have caught the customer’s attention. The person wants to see what more the company has to offer. The customer presses the store button in the company profile to see only shopping posts from the selected company. This is where you can use the AR filter by swiping down on the selected product.

In summary

Every day we are influenced by visual content and other people. Instagram allows us to show, influence and communicate in a simple and convenient way. An effective tool to use for those who are concerned with influence in the form of a more personal communication to the customer group. 

I have now shown some ways to use instagram’s shopping solution, it is up to your company to be creative with the tools available. Good luck with Instagram Shopping. Remember to make a plan before you use it, so that you get the most for the time you invest.

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