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Introduction to Social Media Marketing Part 2: What Content?

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In the second part of our series on social media, we will take a closer look at content for social media marketing. Without good content, the effect of being on social media is weak. 

Many companies find content production one of the most difficult aspects of social media. Read on for tips on how to produce better content for your social media.


Before we jump into the type of content, we give a little comment on frequency.

The most important thing when it comes to frequency is that it is even. It is better to publish one post a month than to publish 3 posts in the first week and then be inactive for 2 months. 

First, we give our readers an expected rhythm to our content production. If they are used to you writing a new blog post every other week, it will quickly become a routine. We humans are addicted and we love routines. So in this case, the word routine is very positive.

In addition to making it easier to build a loyal group that stays up to date on what you share, it will look more professional. If you go to a page to see that they regularly publish content, they appear to be organized and active. 

We strongly recommend that you create a “content calendar” that you follow. If something happens at your company that is worth sharing outside of the regular days, then of course you should share. A bonus post here and there is only positive. As long as you have a solid foundation with regular updates.

3 types of content in social media marketing

Of course, there are a myriad of types of content that you can share on social media, but the purpose of this post is to help you get started.

Therefore, we have divided content into three types. The optimum is to have a mix of all 3 types of content in your social media:

Level 1: Information

The first and lowest level is information. This is content that has information to inform the reader. It can be anything from opening hours to information about the launch of the latest product.

It is worth noting that just having the word “news” in the headline has a very positive effect. Everyone loves news. Fresh information. 

Level 2: Insight

The next level is insight. An example is the blog post you are reading now. This post aims to share knowledge with you. Aim to learn something new. Something you did not know before.

All businesses have knowledge they can share with their readers. Many people refuse to share this knowledge for fear of losing sales, etc. On the contrary. Sharing some of the knowledge you have is often very well received by readers. It gives them value. A reason to get back to your blog / Facebook page / youtube channel. 

Level 3: Inspiration

The last and highest level of content type you can share in your channels is inspiration. This is also the most difficult level. By inspiration we mean to include your readers and customers in the journey your company makes. Let your readers be a part of your journey.

Tell us about new investments you have made to create an even better product. Tell about a customer you changed your life to. Keep your readers up to date with photos and video of the renovation of the premises – let them help decide the colors of the walls.

This type of content usually gives a huge engagement among the readers, but is difficult to implement in a good way. Therefore, it is important to have a crystal clear social media strategy to get the most out of “Inspiration”.

I do not have time to produce enough content for social media marketing

Remember that it is also allowed to share other relevant content. The whole idea behind social media is to share content, so why not share content that others have produced?

If a good article has been written on that is relevant to your industry, it is great to share this article on your Facebook page. Post the link, and always remember to leave a comment or explanation on the link. 

Summary of marketing in social media

We hope you got some tips for content production for your social media. If you are often reluctant to publish content for fear that it is not good enough then it is a good sign.

Read the proofreading again and press «publish». Mediocre content is better than no content. And with practice and time, the content gets better.

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