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Johnnie Walker 4th NFT Drop with Vayner3 | NFT CULTURE | NFTs & Crypto Art

Johnnie Walker 4th NFT Drop with Vayner3 | NFT CULTURE | NFTs & Crypto Art

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New Scotch celebrates Glasgow’s famous Port Dundas Distillery, which released 75 limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rares available on

NEW YORK, September 3, 2022 – Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch whisky[1] , is thrilled to offer whiskey lovers the opportunity to own a very limited edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Dundas Master Set. To bring the Master Set to collectors worldwide, Johnnie Walker is partnering with (the world’s first direct-to-consumer NFT marketplace for luxury wines and spirits) and Vayner3 (a Web3 consultancy under VaynerX founded by serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk).

The limited edition Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare range is designed using priceless ‘ghost’ whiskeys and other incredibly rare expressions of the unrivaled Johnnie Walker estate used to create the award-winning Johnnie Walker Blue Label. This latest release explores the nature of exceptional and rare whiskeys from one of the world’s most famous grain whiskey distilleries, the Port Dundas Glasgow ‘Ghost Distillery’.

Located on the banks of the Forth and Clyde Canal, this renowned distillery shipped its own Scotch from Glasgow to ports around the world for nearly 200 years. Built in 1811, Port Dunda became a whiskey still known for its distinctive sweet and delicate grain before closing in 2010.

To commemorate the fifth volume of Master Blender Emma Walker and the release of the first Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare, collectors can acquire one of the 75 limited edition Ghost and Rare Port Dundas Master Sets available exclusively at Master Sets include a physical 1 liter bottle signed by Emma Walker; NFT bottle (digital version of bottle); a unique digital artwork by award-winning generative artificial intelligence artist and photographer Ivona Tau; and access to an exclusive virtual storytelling experience with Emma Walker and Ivona Tau, where they share the inspiration behind their masterpieces. Those who burn NFT will have priority access to the next Diageo drop on

Ivona’s NFT art in this Master Set takes inspiration from the vital element and force of nature, water, and builds on her “Under the Waves” project. His process consisted of several AI steps to create 75 unique NFTs that capture the constant flow of water and the juxtaposition of water tamed in each bottle of Ghost and Rare Port Dundas. Each of the 75 NFTs is different, making them as rare as the whiskey itself.

Ivona Tau says: “It’s amazing to see global brands like Johnnie Walker investing in digital content creators to bring visibility to our work. I am proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Johnnie Walker and share my artistic vision for this limited edition whiskey release with the Web3 communities.

The exclusive Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Master sets celebrate the heritage of Port Dundas, the incredible craftsmanship of Johnnie Walker Master Blender Emma Walker and the cultural revolution of Web3.

Johnnie Walker’s team of expert whiskey makers, led by Johnnie Walker Master Blender Emma Walker, hand-picked the most distinctive expressions of Port Dundas’ maturing whiskey for this new limited edition. Walker selected a small number of distinctive, aged whiskeys from Johnnie Walker’s reserves, all matured in two different woods to add depth and layers to the blend. Ghost and Rare Port Dundas has a touch of creamy vanilla from whiskeys matured in second fill American oak barrels and subtle Scottish wood spices matured in first fill highly charred American oak barrels.

“Port Dundas was once one of the finest Grain Whiskey distilleries in the world, and the rare expressions we have selected from our reserves are some of the most distinctive it has ever produced. Their slow maturation allows the sweet and delicate grain character to flourish,” says Emma. “These rare whiskeys highlight Port Dundas the character of the distillery and perfectly demonstrate the depth of wonderful flavor that this Grain Whiskey brings to Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Its incredible character inspired us to create something truly exceptional that pays due respect to the whiskey makers of this storied Glasgow distillery.”

To complement the fragrant wood spice character of Port Dundas, Emma and her team hand-selected two other ‘ghost whiskies’ from the Cambus and Brora distilleries.[2] before pairing these with ultra-rare Scotch from five iconic distilleries. A creamy, woody note from Port Dundas with vanilla and soft smoke from Cambus’ “ghost” whiskeys and original Brora warehouses. Other very rare whiskeys from Cameronbridge and Glenkinchie reveal aromas of spiced apples and Clynelish, Dailuaine and Auchroisk, bringing peach and berry aromas.

This exclusive NFT opportunity follows the successful Web3 campaigns to launch the Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavor 48-year-old and Johnnie Walker VeeFriends Gift Goat collaboration earlier this year.

In honor of the pioneering achievements of Emma Walker and Ivona Tau, Johnnie Walker is creating more opportunities for women to achieve their goals with a dedicated business grant. FundWomen – a financial marketplace for women-owned businesses. IFundWomen is an ongoing partner in Johnnie Walker’s “First Strides” initiative, which aims to celebrate and empower people and organizations to move culture forward.

“For our second NFT release, we decided to create the Ghost and Rare Port Dundas Master Set because it allows us to take the consumer into the world of Johnnie Walker, beyond the whiskey tasting and explore our iconic, rare reserves,” says Sophie. Kelly, Director of DIAGEO North America Whiskey Division. “A leader in whiskey innovation and a champion of collective progress, Johnnie Walker continues to foster meaningful relationships with consumers by championing Web3 creators and community leaders. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations on the horizon.”

“BlockBar opens up exclusive access to some of the rarest spirits in the world, and we’re proud to partner with one of the most iconic whiskey brands on the launch of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare Port Dundas,” says Dov Falic. Founder and CEO of BlockBar. “One of our missions at BlockBar is to support women in wine, spirits and web3, so we’re also delighted to support IFundWomen through this collaboration.”

“We are excited to partner with Johnnie Walker and the wider Diageo portfolio as the company continues its journey on Web3, focused on empowering content creators and building exclusive community experiences that speak to their heritage, craftsmanship and authenticity,” said Avery Akkineni, CEO. From Vayner 3. “The latest co-release of Johnnie Walker Ghost and Rare x Ivona Tau on presents an opportunity to offer new and exciting experiences to both spirit collectors and the Web3 community.”

75 limited edition Ghost and Rare Port Dundas Master Sets will be released on at 10am EST on Friday, September 9th. NFT for 775 USD (about 0.51 ETH) can be purchased on with ETH or credit card. . At 10:00, the first people who reserve a bottle have 10 minutes to pay at the cash register. Users who log out successfully will receive an NFT (digital version) representing a proof of authenticity and ownership from a physical bottle that is stored in the BlockBar until the owner of the bottle is ready to “burn” the NFT to claim it. Bottle owners can donate or sell this NFT on the marketplace.

About Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a remarkable Scotch whiskey made by our small team of professional blenders who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence. Led by Master Blender Emma Walker, they handpick the rarest whiskeys from the four corners of Scotland, including priceless whiskeys from distilleries that have long since closed.

Only one of the 10,000 casks in our unrivaled inventory of over 10 million mature Scotch whiskeys contains the richness and character required for the complex production of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Inside each bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a velvety smooth and vibrant Scotch Whiskey with layers of fruit, spice and smoke flavors.

About Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is the world’s number one Scotch Whiskey brand, enjoyed by people in over 180 countries around the world. Since the days of its founder John Walker, its whiskey blenders have strived to put flavor and quality first.

Six generations of skilled Master Blenders have pioneered and created bold new flavors that have transformed a small Scottish grocer founded in 1820 into an international whiskey company selling stylish, authentic and iconic blends.

Today’s selection of award-winning whiskeys includes Johnnie Walker Red Label, Black Label, Double Black, Green Label, Johnnie Walker High Rye Blended Scotch Whisky, Gold Label Reserve, Aged 18 Years and Blue Label. Together, they sell nearly 19 million cases annually (IWSR, 2019), making Johnnie Walker the world’s most popular Scotch whiskey brand.

About Diageo North America

Diageo is the world’s leading beverage alcohol producer with an outstanding collection of brands including Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, Bulleit and Buchanan’s whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Casamigos, DeLeon and Don Julio tequilas, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Tanqueray and Guinness.

Diageo is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: DEO ) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE: DGE ) and its products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world.

For more information about Diageo, its people, brands and performance, visit Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource for information, initiatives and ways to share best practice. Follow news and information about Diageo from North America on Twitter and Instagram: @Diageo_NA.

About BlockBar

Founded in October 2021, BlockBar sells NFTs directly from luxury wine and spirits brands. Each NFT corresponds to an actual physical bottle that is exclusive to BlockBar and can be purchased with ETH, credit card or bank transfer. Owners can resell, collect, donate or at any time “burn” their NFTs in exchange for a physical bottle delivered from BlockBar’s secure facility in Singapore with 24/7 security, motion sensors and temperature monitoring. BlockBar only works directly with brand owners, including LVMH, Diageo, Bacardi, Pernod Ricard, Sazerac, William Grant & Sons and others, and does not take collections from third parties or collectors. BlockBar democratizes access to luxury wines and spirits, allowing anyone anywhere in the world to participate, while providing bottle owners with storage, insurance and a marketplace to resell bottles purchased on BlockBar’s platform. BlockBar’s proprietary smart contracts ensure authenticity by tracing every transaction directly to a partner brand, and its partnership with top cyber and crypto security companies ensures that transactions are fully protected and transparent.

About Vayner3

Vayner3 is a consultancy under VaynerX focused exclusively on guiding the world’s leading companies and intellectual property owners in the next iteration of consumer behavior and navigating the pioneering and ever-evolving world of Web3. For more information, visit:

Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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