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Lucky Block Advances Its Upward Move

Lucky Block Advances Its Upward Move

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Lucky Block: August 30th

At the time of writing, Lucky Block was able to breach the $0.002100 mark upwards again. Although selling pressure affected its price action, but failed to break below $0.002100. Maybe we have more rises than expected. In addition, we analyze these markets to find more trading opportunities.

LBLOCK current value $0.002107
LBLOCK market cap: $7.74 million
LBLOCK’s mobile supply: —
Total supply of LBLOCK: 3.65 billion
LBLOCK position on Coinmarketcap: #3633

Main values:
Upper Value Level: $0.002120, $0.002150, $0.002200
Lower Value Level: $0.002107, $0.002083, $0.002070

LBLOCK Reduction: Lucky Block Eyes will break the increased resistance

LBLOCK/USDT Price action on the 4-hour chart was able to dampen the sellers’ blow without falling below the strong $0.002100 support. This is an impressive showing and illustrates how strong the upward momentum is. In this chart we can see green candles all lined up above the Bollinger MA. Hence, this indicates that the elevated resistance may be broken as the price moves upwards. The relative strength index is also currently on the rise, which means that buyers have picked up more momentum. In addition, the possibility of the price going even higher is due to the fact that the relative strength index is still around 40%. Therefore, the uptrend still has room to strengthen.

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Depreciation of LBLOCK: Lucky Block promotes its rise

LBLOCK Depreciation: Lucky Block’s uptrend remains focused

The hourly chart of LBLOCK/USDT shows that even with selling pressure, LBLOCK has been able to focus on a higher rally. Price activities are pushing the upper limit of the Bollinger indicator. Also examining the appearance of the Bollinger indicator itself, we can see that it is tilting upwards. So this is an indication of the prevailing trend in the market. Also, although the RSI curves have crossed each other in the oversold area, they remain too close to each other. Subsequently, this increases the possibility that this line will stay much longer in this area. As a result, the price of Lucky Block may soon rise above $0.002300.

.Lucky Block (LBLOCK V2): listing is set for August 25th.

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