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May ‘Win to Earn’ be the inspiration of web3 esports adoption? w/ – SlateCast #37 – Cryptospacey


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AxieGG chief met CryptoSlate Akiba talks about AxieGG and the path of Web3 gaming and the future of Axie Infinity in it.

What is AxieGG

AxieGG is a game society organized by players and buyers, originally aimed exclusively at Axie Infinity. The guild invests in high-end digital assets from web3 video games comparable to Axie Infinity. After a careful course on player selection, guild members enter AxieGG’s “deadly loan library”, a place where they sell their Axie characters.

Chief mentioned that he joined Axie 4 years earlier by switching to buying and selling card video games. “Proudly owning Pokemon feels like the future to me,” Chief mentioned, adding that he was drawn to the idea of ​​promoting playing cards using crypto as a substitute for buying and selling like players used to do.

Not long after he started enjoying, He wanted a friendly workforce to participate in esports tournaments and created AxieGG. “I was kind of hands on,” he mentioned, “within half a 12 months we won 90% of the tournaments we entered.”

The progress and potential of Web3

Referring to the completely different Web3 sports, Chief mentioned that everyone seems to be just trying to do the appropriate factor. There’s been a lot of trial and error, and a lot of mistakes have been made in the Web3 gaming space. However, according to Chief, all of these are performed to find the most effective technique.

He mentioned:

“Everybody’s trying to do the right thing, but nobody’s sure what the right thing is, but… They’re trying everything, and in the next few years we’ll know what the easiest way is.”

Although the chief admitted that important mistakes are nevertheless made in the gaming world, he additionally mentioned that the possibilities of Web3 gaming are simple. While people in the mainstream hate it, he mentioned, smart people in Web3 see the potential and admit it makes sense.

The boss also mentioned that the solid response from the mainstream gaming sphere may also be an indication of Web3’s potential. He admitted:

“It’s about them losing the lead. Web2 doesn’t want to give it up to be identical to the fuel store doesn’t need electric cars to be a factor.”

Head on over to Web3 Gaming

When Akiba asked Chief’s opinion on the continuation of playing Web3, Chief mentioned that he expected the area to evolve into a straight-up winning perspective, where players are rewarded for being the most effective at their skill.

Web3 gaming giants such as Polkastarter Gaming, Zilliqa, and Tyranno Studios have expressed that the blockchain gaming space began to focus more on gaming than “simple revenue” features.

Alternatively, the Chief doesn’t immediately agree with the Axie’s competitors. Based on Chief, “play to earn” can be modified to “win to earn”. He insists that playing must be aggressive. People should be able to discuss it, host esports championships with it and have streams.

In a way, Chief’s profit-making also leans in the direction of a game-focused perspective. He states:

“Win to earn. As a result, you build hype, build social media and create a story. You don’t earn by simply pushing a button. You earn because you earned it by succeeding.”

The future of Axie

Chief finished his sentence by briefly talking about Axie Infinity’s future in the upcoming “win to earn” Web3 gaming space.

Referring to Ron’s attack on Bridge again in March 2022, the Chief mentioned that the Axie Infinity might be too massive to fail. “Half a billion {dollars} was simply gone, and it was identical to typical for the company,” he mentioned, “that they had to give up a few parts to pay for the mistakes they made. However, they paid it now, so they’re coming back stronger.”

As for Axie’s place in the subsequent evolution of Web3 gaming, Chief mentioned that he didn’t think Axie would be an endlessly mainstream sport. “It’s going to be round,” he assured viewers, “but Axie is just too easy. We want an advanced sport that drives the longer-term Web3 gaming landscape.

For the rest of the expert interview, check out the full podcast linked above.

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