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Price of Queen Elizabeth NFT Shot up as Artworks Floods the Marketplace –

Price of Queen Elizabeth NFT Shot up as Artworks Floods the Marketplace –

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The death of Britain’s longest-living monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, has sparked messages of condolence worldwide. However, it also marks another money-making round for the ever-burgeoning digital asset industry.

The digital collections industry has seized the opportunity to showcase the recent death of the British Queen. So, moments after the news of the Queen’s death, NFT marketplaces were flooded with digital artwork depicting the late monarch.

The creators developed thousands of different collectibles, such as the Queen’s photo and NFT’s pixel art style.

OpenSea has the most Queen NFTs on its platform. One of the famous collections, “RIP The Queen Official”, contains nearly 8,000 pieces of digital art and has already sold out since the news broke. In addition, NFT has a combination of features such as eyes, mouths and backgrounds.

In addition, LongLiveTheQueenNFT is also one of the most famous collections that users buy. It also has an airdrop for users who like, retweet and tag three of their friends.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that those who already own the Queen NFT are using it to honor the dead monarch.

Additionally, the Queen’s passing has favored many existing NFT holders, with many selling massively in less than 48 hours.

The self-styled NFT, Queena DAO Collection, has experienced an increase in sales volume and demand for artwork.

In addition, interest in NFT has been low in August. However, the death of Queen Elizabeth II created more demands for digital artwork. As a result, more than $1000 worth of NFTs have been sold.

Celebrity NFTs are on the rise

Since last year, digital art has taken on a new look. The advent of NFT has changed people’s attitude towards art, and 2022 will continue the trend.

This year many top celebrities are in possession of many NFT collections. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks have put celebrity NFT acquisition on top. Additionally, celebrity buyers have spent millions of dollars to purchase NFTs.

And it’s no surprise that digital art has overtaken cryptocurrency in terms of transaction volume for most of 2022.

Over the past few months, many celebrities have announced that they own proud collections of NFTs. Some even announced the launch of their celebrity NFT platform to leverage their holdings and tokenize their creations.

NFTs have begun to gain wider appeal across industries, and celebrities such as artists, sports stars, and musicians have jumped on the bandwagon.

With the advent of blockchain technology, NFT is here to stay and continues to change the way asset ownership and digital art are viewed.

Many new and exciting NFT projects are waiting to excite the digital art community.

At the same time, the future of NFTs is solid enough for any industry to venture into or invest in people looking for them.


Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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