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Protofire Receives Chainlink Grant To Build Hardhat Plugin

Protofire Receives Chainlink Grant To Build Hardhat Plugin

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One of the main goals Chainlink Community Grant Programme is to support the global developer community by making it easier to build apps that make a difference in the world hybrid smart contracts and Chainlink oracles. To further this goal, the program financially supports the creation of developer tools needed to seamlessly create, test, and launch hybrid smart contracts, and funds their ongoing maintenance to keep them functional and secure.

In order to integrate Chainlink confidential services with Ethereum, developers must interact with Chainlink nodes to create a job, host External adapteror troubleshooting. While developers can host a Chainlink node with a third party, the difficulty and time required slow down the development process. What is needed is a solution that streamlines the process by allowing developers to create a local Chainlink node in one step.

In support of this goal, we are pleased to announce Protofireofferer blockchain development services has been awarded a Chainlink Community Grant to develop a Hardhat plugin that allows developers to create a local Chainlink node with a single command. The extension allows Ethereum developers to more easily develop and test smart contracts using the Chainlink Any API, helping them seamlessly integrate external data into their distributed applications.

The plugin uses the Hardhat plugin installation and usage methods, is added to the Hardhat configuration and distributed via NPM. By including all the main functions of a Chainlink node – printing the necessary integration information during startup and making it easier to update the node – developers can more easily write and test smart contracts in a wide variety of applications. Use cases.

As part of the grant, Protofire will complete several steps in the plugin development process, including:

  • Use Docker to create a script that includes an existing Chainlink docker, a Postgres database container, and key configurations.
  • Create a Hardhat plugin structure and develop the main functionality to allow developers to interact with the Chainlink node via the command line.
  • Complete end-to-end testing to ensure plugin reliability and performance.
  • Produce written documentation on GitHub that shows users how to set up an environment and write a smart contract to consume Chain link data feed locally, create a job, fund an account and more.

By simplifying the launch of a local Chainlink node, the plugin encourages more developers to build solutions using Chainlink services and accelerates the development loop for testing and iterating smart contract applications. In addition, it also eliminates the need to build a node that relies on third-party service providers and infrastructure, saving developers valuable time. Ultimately, this extension allows developers to launch new projects, experiment with new use cases, and drive innovation across the board Web3 room.

Today is a native Ethereum development environment that helps developers run tests, debug Solidity code, and interact with smart contracts. Hardhat allows developers to create a local EVM environment with a single command. Now, with this plugin, developers can just as easily launch a local Chainlink node.

Protofire is a recognized blockchain technology development services and consulting provider that builds decentralized protocols, smart contracts, applications and developer tools (SDK/API). A team of proven blockchain experts has contributed development resources to numerous leading Web3 projects, including Armanino, Filecoin, Gnosis, The Graph, Maker, Tezos, 0x, Kyber Network, and Synthetix. Protofire has also received and successfully completed several Chainlink Community Grants, e.g xDai, Avalanche, Forehead, IoTeXand Plasmaand built Chainlink testnet faucet For EVM compatible chains. With extensive experience and proven success in Chainlink and EVM environments, Protofire is well suited as a recipient to build a Hardhat plugin that seamlessly runs a Chainlink node.

“We’re excited to receive a community grant to build a Hardhat plugin that allows Ethereum developers to quickly launch a Chainlink node on a local machine,” said Christian Malfesi, Director of Engineering at Protofire. “By making it easier for smart contract developers to test Chainlink Any API integrations locally, we can help developers produce and test applications faster using any data available from the Web. Ultimately, this extension enables developers to seamlessly leverage external data for advanced use cases that advance the Web3 space.” ”

Through the Community Grants Program, Chainlink continues to empower innovative teams, researchers and social impact projects that research and develop key tools and infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of hybrid smart contracts, secure oracle networks and cutting-edge technology capable of creating a more economically just world.

About the Chainlink Grant Program

To learn more about the Chainlink Community Grant Program, check out our blog post which further expands its objectives and search criteria. We encourage talented individual developers and development teams to do so apply for the grant program hereor if you are a researcher and want to collaborate, Contact us.

Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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