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Quix and Stratos Exchanges to Redirect to OpenSea

Quix and Stratos Exchanges to Redirect to OpenSea

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  • Optimism and Arbitrum’s leading NFT marketplace is shutting down
  • Quix and Stratos will redirect their trading activities to OpenSea
  • The source code of the platform will be available to the public from January 2023

Quix, leading NFT Marketplace on Optimism, has revealed that it plans to shut down by the end of February next year, about a year after launching. However, the trade of digital collectibles on the platform is directed to OpenSea, while the platform’s source code is opened to the public. Following the announcement, Arbitrum’s leading NFT marketplace, Stratos, also said it would exit the space.

From Quix to OpenSea

Inside something Press releaseQuix revealed that its revenue is lower than “monthly infrastructure costs”, resulting in losses and a smaller team, making it a viable business. Data According to Dune Analytics, the Optimismi-based platform has processed just over 300,000 NFT trades since its launch in December 2021.

The Ethereum The layer-two platform announced that its code is publicly available for anyone who wants to “benefit and build.” Fortunately, users who keep their NFT collection on the market can access them on OpenSea, the leading NFT market leader.

Losses from Quix to Stratos

The Quix NFT startup platform is also shutting down and is set to go dark on January 18, 2023, but the Quix team has promised to work with affected users “to help them transition to an alternative solution.” Learning about the development of Quix, Arbitum’s leading NFT marketplace, double-decker The Ethereum sidechain was launched in May 2021Stratos tweeted that they were also shutting down, calling Quix a “sister marketplace.”

In announcing their closure, Stratos revealed that their marketplace is powered by the Quix engine. Due to the use of the same engine as Quix, it is likely that the collections of the platform will also be directed to OpenSea. The development comes at a time when the NFT space is in a downward spell FTX collapse make it worse.

Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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