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Rollbit Alternatives: 7 Casinos Like Rollbit

Rollbit Alternatives: 7 Casinos Like Rollbit

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When we think of an innovative casino, Rollbit immediately comes to mind. Thanks to its unique and inventive features, Rollbit has managed to gather a strong following of online players, and here we cover casinos and sites like Rollbit that have similar features.

Rollbit was recently launched in 2020 and since then its main goal has been to provide you with a unique gaming experience. While Rollbit offers a truly innovative online gambling platform, there are a huge number of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos out there. So check out Rollbit’s alternative options that are worth the effort.

In order to provide our viewers with the best possible options for Rollbit, it is important to find out what makes this casino so special. For this reason, we take a closer look at a few aspects of Rollbit and offer alternative casinos for each feature on our list.

Casinos like Rollbit

Best for crypto use

Rollbit offers a good selection of crypto payment methods including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Solana. Rollbit also offers its own cryptocurrency, Rollbit Coin. It is also one of the few cryptocasinos that accept NFT deposits and you can even get deposit bonuses by depositing NFT casinos from certain collections.

While Rollbit allows players to deposit and withdraw some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, it pales in comparison to BetFury’s numerous cryptocurrency options. With BetFury, players are welcome to enjoy deposits and withdrawals with a selection of more than 20 different cryptocurrencies. This includes all the more popular options like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as more obscure coins like Chainlink.

Best for the game

When we mention that the casino offers original games, it is simply a fancy way of saying that the casino has offered its players games developed by the casino itself. Rollbit is one such casino that has placed itself at the forefront of original games. Its own trading simulation called Rollbit Rollercoaster works almost like a crash game. Rollbit offers a total of 8 different internal games.

Rollbit may offer players a groundbreaking game of its own, but its overall selection of original games is nowhere near what BC.Game offers. BC.Game offers players a total of 25 BC Originals. Considering that BC.Game’s own crash game offers a steep house edge of 1%, it’s really no surprise that its own selection of games has become so sought after.


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Best for the community

One of Rollbit’s best features is its strong commitment to its own gaming community. Rollbit offers a chat room where players around the world can connect and even tip each other, but Rollbit also offers a unique feature that shows both current and recent streams. This allows Rollbit players to watch popular Twitch streams and even Youtube videos on their own platform.

While Stake may not offer the ability to watch streams on its gambling platform, it has partnered with some of the biggest Twitch streamers in the industry, including Trainwreck and Drake. In addition to this contribution, there is also a chat room where players can chat, give tips to other players and even give hints to random players through the rain feature. In addition, Stake has one of the liveliest gambling forums, allowing its players to search for answers to any topic in the gambling industry and even discuss non-gambling topics.


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Best for sports betting

We were definitely not kidding when we mentioned how innovative the Rollbit is. Prior to the launch of its sportsbook, Rollbit offered its players the opportunity to purchase NFTs from the Rollbit Sports Rollbot NFT collection. These NFTs offered holders huge benefits such as random free sports bets, parlay odds and even a share of the winnings from Rollbit sports betting. Rollbit sports betting was launched in March 2022 and offers a great selection of sports and esports betting options.

If you know anything about crypto sports betting, you’ve definitely heard of Cloudbet. This online casino and bookmaker was the first to introduce Bitcoin to the sports betting industry. Part of what makes Cloudbet sports betting so attractive is the competitive odds and zero margin betting options that include NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MMA, Soccer and Tennis. All of this has made Cloudbet widely known as one of the best Bitcoin and crypto sportsbooks.


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Best for tournaments

Like many other crypto-casinos, Rollbit offers a daily competition where players with the highest stakes earn some truly mouth-watering prizes. Rollbit’s daily competition awards a $25,000 prize pool to the top 25 players, with a whopping $10,000 first place prize. Rollbit also offers a unique bonus battle feature where players can compete against each other in the bonus shopping lockers and the player who collects the biggest bonus gets the bonus value of their other competitors.

7Bit Casino may not offer players as unique tournaments as Rollbit, but 7Bit makes up for this by offering players a huge selection of tournaments. 7Bit offers a selection of 5 different tournaments known as 7Bit races. Here, both new and existing players can participate in competitions by playing slots, table games and even provider-specific games. The weekly 7Bit competitions offer a prize pool of $1750 and 1000 free spins, the winner of the weekly competition will take home an amazing prize of $1000!


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Best for mobile devices

Another feature Rollbit offers is a mobile-friendly design. The extremely captivating design and atmosphere of Rollbits are not tarnished when you choose to use a mobile device. When using the mobile version of Rollbit casino, players can use the same features as the desktop version. Rollbit’s mobile browser version loads incredibly fast and doesn’t require zooming, which is a testament to its optimization.

BitStarz is one of the best crypto casinos that offers a mobile option for players. BitStarz on mobile is available on all major mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows devices. Players are offered the same casino games and payment options as the desktop version, making BitStarz one of our most popular mobile casinos.

Check out our article on mobile NFT games.


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Best for VIP

Rollbit has a unique VIP program unlike anything seen before. Become a Rollbit VIP member by owning Rollbot NFT. Each Rollbot acts as a personal VIP membership card, just like you would get at your top class crypto casino. Enjoy the benefits of VIP membership by receiving bigger and better rewards that multiply if you own more than one Rollbot.

BitDice, like Rollbit, has a VIP program, although it works a little differently. Instead of using NFT as your personal VIP membership card, all you have to do is make a deposit to become a casino VIP member at BitDice and you’re a VIP. Level up and get bigger and better rewards.


100% up to $50,000, 35x stake

Look for Rollbit alternatives

Rollbit is still a relatively new online casino that was only launched in 2020. However, this has not stopped it from gathering a good following of loyal online players. The main reason for Rollbit’s success can be attributed to its innovative features such as its Rollbot NFT and their own company, Rollbit Coin (RLB). Although Rollbit can be considered a truly unique online casino, the gambling industry is highly competitive, allowing players to have a wide range of valuable options at Rollbit.


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