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The situation for digital marketing today

The situation for digital marketing today

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More and more companies are taking digital marketing seriously. It provides a great demand for advice and assistance with digital marketing. At the same time, we see a shift in orders. Businesses today want marketing initiatives that deliver results tomorrow. Dear children have many names but this is often referred to as results-based marketing or performance marketing.

Branding and long-term goals therefore fall away a bit in this focus on immediate results. We have over 80% of our turnover from results-based marketing, and we like it that way. But at the same time, it is important that we as advisors help the client to see the whole picture.

But as a society that now revolves around immediate reward through likes, positive comments or that the next episode on Netflix starts immediately, the headlights are rarely used. We focus on what is right in front of us, and think about what can be done right now to get an immediate reward.

Now the stage is set for the topic I really want to talk about, search engine optimization.

What is search engine optimization?

In short, search engine optimization is about making your website and your content as attractive as possible for relevant search engine searches.

The main points of search engine optimization

  • Make the website as fast as possible
  • Make the website as easy to navigate as possible
  • Format text so that it is easy to read, both for visitors and search engines
  • Optimize the text (content) against relevant searches
  • Identify which searches one should optimize against
  • Ensure that the website is built according to best practice in relation to. coding and technical solutions
  • Optimize the design for mobile viewing
  • Create good and relevant titles and meta descriptions
  • Make sure all content that is indexed is relevant and good content
  • Internal and external linking

The problem with search engine optimization

The problem with search engine optimization in today’s marketing climate is that it does not yield immediate results. This applies not only to us who are external consultants, but also in-house marketers. They must also refer to results internally, and if the choice is between a conversion campaign on Google that will yield sales immediately, or search engine optimization that may yield sales in 2 months, the choice is easy.

Another problem with search engine optimization is that it is not perceived as very sexy for the customer when we go through changing alt text on the images, and adjusting meta descriptions. A Snapchat campaign is much more visual and exciting. It is also difficult for the customer to assess the work that is being done since it is such a narrow part of digital marketing, at the same time as the effect of the job cannot be assessed until several months have passed. This means that even we as advisors sometimes do not recommend search engine optimization since it is difficult to immediately show the value it provides.

And the last problem with search engine optimization is that it needs to be followed up. You have to do a thorough job first, but then you have to follow the result it gives and adjust continuously. So yes, search engine optimization is results based marketing but the result will come in 2 months…

The consequence of this is that it becomes easier for those who focus on search engine optimization of their websites to get to the top in search results. So my encouragement to you who are reading this post is to put search engine optimization on the agenda. Set aside time or budget to get it done properly. And not least, follow it up. We have become a community that trusts Google more than our neighbor. That means it’s worth it. It’s worth the time and budget to get your service or product on top of Google.

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