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This Ukrainian Supermarket Decided To Accept Crypto Through Binance Pay

This Ukrainian Supermarket Decided To Accept Crypto Through Binance Pay

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Binance recently announced that Ukrainian supermarket chain VARUS now accepts crypto. It recently announced that it has partnered with a supermarket chain and is now facilitating crypto payments for customers buying groceries.

This transaction would be through Binance Pay Wallet. VARUS happens to be one of the largest grocery companies in Ukraine.

There are a total of 111 stories in 28 different cities of the country.

VARUS believes that thanks to this partnership, customers will now be able to use crypto payments, which could make deliveries seamless and faster.

This digital asset payment feature is now available in nine cities, which are Kyiv, Dnipro, Kamianske, Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhzhia, Brovary, Nikopol, Vyshhorod and Pavlograd.

Customers who wish to pay via digital assets must download and install the Binance app on their Android and iOS devices.

After completing this step, users must go to the VARUS website and select the products they wish to purchase.

Once the selection is over, customers can pay directly with digital money from the Binance Pay wallet.

Ukrainian customers now have the option to pay with crypto on many websites

The report also noted that earlier this year, Binance Pay was integrated by Foxtrot, a Ukrainian home appliance and electronics retail chain.

Whitepay, a crypto payment platform, also recently introduced digital asset payments for products offered by Ukrainian tech stores just last month.

Retailers such as Tehnoezh and Stylus now offer their services to customers by offering a payment platform operated by Whitebit, a European exchange originating from Ukraine.

Especially in the last few years, Ukraine has proven to be a regional leader in the adoption of crypto. The nation has also tried to regulate the industry better.

Humanitarian efforts through crypto donations in Ukraine

The war has destroyed Ukraine, and cryptocurrency in particular has come through to help those in need.

Both the Kyiv government and volunteer groups have sought to raise funds through crypto donations for defense and humanitarian initiatives.

The crypto community has been active and stepped in to help and provide the necessary assistance to Ukraine.

Binance has also released a crypto card made especially for Ukrainian refugees.

This year’s Kyiv Tech Summit, which will host September 6-9. In Ukraine, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin participated. He mentioned that “Ukraine could very well become the next Web3 hub”.

Furthermore, he stated,

A country can become a Web3 center if its citizens are actively interested in this technology and decide to make a significant contribution to its development. Ukraine has both the capacity and the determination to do this.

Receive $10 in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100 or more on Coinbase!

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