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Top 4 Best Alternative Websites to Tradingview Charting Tool

Top 4 Best Alternative Websites to Tradingview Charting Tool

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It is very risky to invest in crypto without charting tools.

Do not invest in crypto, forex or stocks without using charting tools to analyze market performance.

Things can go wrong when you buy crypto assets without using any charting tools to check the market situation.

I think you really don’t want this expensive scenario where you risk losing money while trying to make money on your investments.

Also, you don’t want to depend on just one charting tool (like; TradingView) because monthly subscriptions are very expensive.

It’s always good to have alternative mapping tools to double check.

Besides, relying on only one source in a decentralized crypto world is counter-intuitive.

If you agree with me, you should check out some of these Tradingview options.

Does it fit?

Best Tradingview Alternatives

Below are some of the best options for the Tradingview charting tool as well as the crypto investment market and without further ado let’s get started…

1. TrendSpider

There are many alternatives to Tradingview, but if you are looking for a tool with more features, TrendSpider is the right choice for you.

TrendSpider is one of the smartest chart analysis software.

It is designed to help investors (both beginners and advanced) make smarter and more efficient decisions.

TrendSpider can be used to make beautiful charts and automate manual technical analysis.

Interestingly, all these things for much cheaper and higher usability than Tradingview, which has previously cost several 1000 dollars.

2. Coinigy


Coinigy offers a paid terminal that can integrate with major crypto exchanges (up to 45+ exchanges) and also helps you manage your portfolio.

You can even access more than 75 technical indicators through Coinigy and also do TA (technical analysis) directly on the charts.

Improve your crypto awareness by receiving low-latency alerts via text messages, emails, and the browser itself.

Coinig also has its iOS and Android apps that allow you to map out your TA strategies and execute them through a single window.

3. GoCharting

go map

GoCharting is an advanced real-time free cryptocurrency charting software and stock or forex charting tool.

It is a free tool for crypto mapping where you have access to over 100 crypto exchanges and over 14,000 crypto pairs.

You get up to 300+ indicators for your TA on the platform and features like customizable HTML5 mapping.

Unlimited social sharing and advanced charts like Renko, Kagi, Heikin Ashi, Point, etc. make crypto TA even more impressive.

4. Make a trade

Make a trade

Tradelize is just more than a charting system that can help you invest smarter and faster, which is also their hallmark.

Casual investors can also contact experienced traders to copy their strategies or use their services for an order.

You can use the Tradelize terminal to connect to popular exchanges where you can do a lot of charting and make your TA strategies.

If you copy someone or use their services, you can check and analyze their strategy by sharing charts.

Is Tradingview Free Charting Software?

Not really, as Tradingview has four account plans (i.e. 1 free and 3 paid), with monthly, annual and bi-annual billing options.

However, every paid plan comes with a 30-day free trial.

Is Tradingview Free Realtime?

Tradingview is a real-time crypto charting software online application that is visually appealing and customizable with many technical indicators.

It is also a social media platform for digital asset investors.

Is there a Tradingview app?

The Tradingview application is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Store.

What is the best free cryptocurrency charting software?

Personally, I would say that GoCharting online software seems to be the best crypto charting app because it gives you all the technical indicators you need without paying.

Does Tradingview have a subscription discount?

Crypto investors who want to track more markets can use a premium subscription for $59.95 per month, while the 16% discount is removed from the regular price.

What is the difference between Coinigy and Tradingview?

There is no point in trying to compare Tradingview vs Coinigy as both serve similar investors.

However, Coinig somehow has a lot of features compared to the Tradingview web app.

Final thoughts

Trading or investing in cryptocurrencies can be risky, especially if not done with the right cryptocurrencies and trading tools.

It is very expensive because if your trading strategy goes wrong, you could lose everything in the trade, which is why using a charting tool is so important.

Many users have experienced problems with Tradingview, but these reliable alternatives will help you avoid problems in the future.

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