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Top Crypto Predictions to Watch Out For in 2023

Here’s How BTC, ETH Could Benefit from Inflation in the Long Term

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Cryptocurrency is advancing in many investment plans. Individuals see this digital cold as a pioneering asset that can secure their future. They think big, and they think long term.

In addition, many have been interested in crypto and Bitcoin. Needless to say, experts have already pulled out their cards and started predicting the future of this currency.

After much research and talking to a few investors, here are some Cryptocurrency 2023 Predictions. These predictions are certainly not set in stone, but they can give you an idea of ​​how you should move forward if 2023 is the year of crypto for you.

Predictions for 2023

Here are your predictions for cryptocurrency in 2023. This is a tip to start planning before you dip your toe into this volatile investment sea. Cryptocurrency is often treated as a commodity (no doubt an expensive one), but prices are always fluctuating.

There’s no way you can protect yourself from risk, but understanding some future predictions can help.

1. Bitcoin either goes up or down depending on stocks

Bitcoin and the stock market are both risky investments. It requires not only a level of research, but also aptitude for numbers and foresight. However, the traffic of one is inversely proportional to the other.

Next year, the demand for Bitcoin may increase if investors start to take a riskier route and lean on their cryptocurrency. However, if extreme volatility starts to scare them off, they may gravitate toward the relatively safer stock market, which could lead to a Bitcoin crash.

2. Ether beats Bitcoin again

Although Bitcoin is the digital gold in the cryptocurrency world, according to recent predictions, Ether will beat it here in the future. These are some common reasons why Ether is better than Bitcoin.

– Ethereum is not just a currency; it is a digital marketplace with its own Blockchain.

– Unlike Bitcoin, Ether does not have a limited number of currencies.

– Etherium provides a place to exchange transaction fees, so you get a lower percentage of transaction fees.

– Most top companies are starting to accept Ether because of the digital marketplace.

3. Regulatory actions regarding cryptocurrencies are increasing

Cryptocurrency regulatory efforts have been on the rise for some time. This is probably due to increasing crime, and many blame the industry for being decentralized and lacking in autonomy.

So you may find taxation efforts based on multiple incomes. As a result, mining is now done more carefully. This can bring stability to the cryptocurrency market.

However, this can reduce volatility and demand in the market. After all, defi or decentralized finance with regulatory bodies is the main attractive source for investors.

4. Meme coins are probably nothing

The number of altcoins and meme coins has grown over the past decade. This has its positives and negatives. Some might say it gives you more baskets to keep your eggs in when playing the cryptocurrency game.

On the other hand, it can bring more confusion and instability, which may not be necessary. Some investors are predicting that coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin may not be a thing anymore.

5. Cryptocurrency is starting to use Web 3.0

Web3 tokens and NFTs can do some general measurement of Web3. Games, the virtual world and other marketplaces are experimenting with web 3.0. Decentralized technology and anonymity is what people want to surf the Internet now.

Cryptocurrencies are a pioneering form of transaction in this virtual space. So living over the internet requires anyone to have a cryptocurrency account.

Plan your investment correctly

If you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency for business or personal trading, try to do your own research and start investing through

Yes, risk factors are a big deal, but just thinking about risk will stunt your growth. Hopefully these predictions gave you an idea and you should be able to plan better.

Press releases or guest posts published by Crypto Economy are submitted by companies or their representatives. Crypto Economy is not part of any of these agencies, projects or platforms. At Crypto Economy, we do not give investment advice and encourage our readers to do their own research.

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