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Ultron and Devla to Level Up the Metaverse Gaming Experience

Ultron and Devla to Level Up the Metaverse Gaming Experience

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One of the world’s largest metaverse development companies, Devla GmbH, has announced a partnership with the Ultron Foundation, always known for its Layer-1 blockchain with its own native applications, to create an immersive soccer game. As they say, the aim is to take the first step towards bringing the functionality of Ultron’s strong crypto-ecosystem into the metaverse, leading to the creation of a space where its users can both have fun and make money.

Ultron Foundation Football Metaverse: Layer 1 GameFi Revolution

The Ultron Foundation is a Layer 1 blockchain that made headlines a couple of months ago when they introduced the first native Layer 1 coin. Moving into the metaverse further expands Ultron’s vision to enable anyone, regardless of financial background or technological understanding, to participate in the future of digital assets.

Their announced partner, Devla, is one of the world’s largest metaverse development companies that has managed to navigate the industry right from the start. Devla is the only known metaverse development company that provides extensive metaverse training to its developers and strives to be the leading metaverse development company in the world. Those familiar with GameFi may recognize the team as the lead developer of, winner of the AIBC “metaverse of the year” award.

The Ultron Foundation Football Metaverse is a digital world that offers its users a way to enjoy themselves while providing them with real opportunities to earn money. In the words of Lennard Arand, CEO of Devla GmbH:

“The Ultron Football Metaverse will be a digital world where users can buy and develop land, but with a strong focus on football. By that I mean there will be stadiums, leagues, hundreds of football teams and more. Users will be able to create their own NFT games of football teams, allowing them to play actual games, compete in a league, buy, sell and develop players… and eventually sell them on the secondary NFT market, creating huge earning opportunities.

Alex U., Ultron’s CTO, further explained that the principle behind the Ultron Foundation is to build for utility, and that utility must be broad-based. By starting a metaversal expansion with GameFi, they hope to attract younger generations who will find their place in the Ultron ecosystem and also expand the crypto space.

Well-known games like FIFA and FIFA Manager attract millions of players around the world, but have failed to take the game to the next level without taking advantage of the technology at hand. Teams Ultron and Devla combine their passion for sports with crypto technologies and plan to revolutionize the aforementioned gaming experience. If ten years ago it was hard for people to imagine that being a gamer could be considered a job, today this is a clear reality, with high-level players earning north of $10 million a year. Knowing this, teams fully understand why incorporating earning opportunities into the game environment is extremely important. Users can buy, sell and trade football players just like in the real world and earn money in the process. It is done without much effort because each metaverse player is their own NFT that can be easily traded in the metaverse or on the secondary market. Additionally, users earn money by winning tournaments, ranking high in leagues, and participating in certain events. On the other hand, the metaverse offers more established ways of making money, such as owning and renting a stadium, buying and reselling metaverse land, developing municipal technical infrastructure in these spaces, and much more.

GameFi is a system where players and content creators can collect value for themselves from cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) through the game. All payments and transactions are done with Ultron’s native Layer 1 coin (ULX), which allows metaverse users to earn even more on Ultron’s huge dApps blockchain ecosystem, such as lending or staking ULX coins.

The pre-sale of Metaverse land (50% of the total) is only available to investors in Ultron’s innovative Staking Hub NFT and will end in mid-October 2022. Staking Hub NFT can be purchased on their official website. Ultron’s Football Metaverse is expected to launch by the end of the year, when anyone can participate in land acquisitions and the actual use of the metaverse.

About the Ultron Foundation

The Ultron Foundation is an emerging blockchain project that aims to provide scalability, security and faster transaction speed without compromising each other. By adopting cutting-edge technologies and developing their original token, ULX, the team is on the fast track to becoming one of the new leaders in the crypto space. The Ultron Foundation builds a healthy ecosystem that quickly adopts new dApps. The first of these will be released within the next two weeks and more are coming at the end of the month.

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