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Vitalik Buterin Predicts What’s Coming for Ethereum Ecosystem Over Next Two Years

Vitalik Buterin Predicts What’s Coming for Ethereum Ecosystem Over Next Two Years

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Ethereum (ETH) founder Vitalik Buterin says the leading smart contract platform needs to continue moving towards long-term sustainability.

In an interview for the Bankless podcast, Vitalik Buterin says that the Ethereum community has two major priorities after a successful merger for proof-of-stake.

“I think there are two big priorities. One of the priorities is getting the scaling figured out. And I mean at all the layers of the ecosystem, like getting the Ethereum protocol fully roll-ready, which includes things like prototank sharding, getting the roll-ups themselves fully ready for users, getting the applications on and for good.bridge infrastructure between them, get all wallets to support them… Not just to help the transition to a fully roll-up centric Ethereum.

Then the second is the transition from the rapidly evolving Ethereum in firefighting mode to stable mode. I think it’s a transition that needs to happen, and I think it’s an inevitable change to some extent, because as the ecosystem grows, the cost of changing things increases, and then you start to have all these regulatory concerns and a lot of existing stakeholders…”

Buterin says that once the merger is finally complete, Ethereum developers will no longer need to rush through major protocol changes, and the community will become “more pragmatic” in the near future. Having said that, he goes on to say that there is only a narrow window of time to make all the desired changes to the Ethereum blockchain.

“So there is such a narrow window where many important changes can be made, but at the same time the ecosystem really needs to get rid of this kind of fire prevention. Like, you know, “hey, the community is screaming at us to get something every now and then, and so, you know, let’s make a completely stripped-down pragmatic version of it and deliver it” to a space where there’s a much deeper level of caring. about making sure that each step of the roadmap is on the way to some kind of more stable long-term path leading towards sustainable development.”


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